Although it has been under construction for such a long time, which can be a hassle to those who need to get to their trains and use the station as a gateway, the actual transtation itself is magnificent. I also feel that what the city planners and architects are trying to achieve will greatly improve the users and visitors experience. I love how the organisation makes tours available so that the public can actually see what goes into modernizing a 19th century building for the demands of the 21查看详情
Cityguide_Tessa, 2013-07-31
I mean the exterior is very cool to look it and the inside is quite functional, but it's a transit station, not a tourist attraction. It is what it is.查看详情
xcheck28, 2013-07-31
Only used the station for the coffee bar and the ATM facility , was extremely busy and a bit dis-orienting ! The ATM`s are situated within the Travelex Change facility and the Travelex Exchange rates were appalling ! don`t bother using them if can be avoided , the Bank ATM`s were giving Bank Rate ! Above the Travelex rate by a mile ! And watch out for Pickpockets at all times ):查看详情
EastYorksCpl, 2013-07-26
Great station, has everything you need in it. One of the only places to find a Starbucks in. A number of different stores to get you what you need while in transit.查看详情
astrab, 2013-07-25
Myself and partner arrived at Schipol Airport, we thought we would have to travel a distance to get to a train station to take us to Centraal Station. We were wrong Schipol Airport has a direct station to Centraal station. The ticket machines were easy to use at Centraal Station. The prices were extremely competitive, and the station is very well located to the centre of Amsterdam! Outside you can catch all manner of trams and buses! We took pictures of the exterior as it's such an amazing build查看详情
FlatPack_12, 2013-07-24
Amsterdam to Copenhagen. Firstly, you can "look" online but times are misleading,There no prices "change every day" Have to physically go to Central to book. Woohoo no queue! But woman politely says " there is an estimated 1.5hr wait, best to come around 6am.I got up early, tram into central the next day. We knew it was an 11hr trip so wanted a sleeper, full, The 6am would be too early for trams to central, the 9am was full so the 11 was next.So we get to central in advance. Go to yellow info bo查看详情
, 2013-07-22
Centraal is of course a well functioning train station, but perhaps best known for it's wonderful external architecture. A very interesting building like many main train stations in Europe - but this one is typical Dutch in its appearance, so very different from terminals you would see elsewhere in Western Europe such as France or Spain. The station itself is highly functional. If you happen to be travelling 1st class on the Thalys to Paris, you can arrive early and visit the lounge within the t查看详情
Michael_Melb_77, 2013-07-21
The building is gorgeous, hard to believe it's a train station with how grand it is. I also enjoyed the free ferry on the back side of the station to take you to the north of the city. Take the longer journey (far left) for a more scenic route! There's a lot of renovation going on inside which is letting it down a little but it is all in good cause!查看详情
aajsmh1, 2013-07-20
Amsterdam Centraal is a very modern train-station, there are plenty of shops and eateries here. You can store your luggage here for €5-7 (depending on size) which is great if you have to check out of your hotel early but still have time to spend in the city. The outside is very grand and there is a lot of detail on the exterior. Currently, there are a lot of building works going on around the canal and station which distracted from the experience. Nearly all the trams and a large portion of buse查看详情
Daniel W, 2013-07-18
I had a wonderful experience taking the high speed train from Paris to Amsterdam last Sunday. After I booked 1st class tickets, we got lunches and dinners, wines and dessert. Train was traveling up to 120 mph. very cool seeing the French countryside this way. The train station was nice but got a bit confusing as far as signs telling you were to go for your train departure. Overall though Amsterdam is not for everyone as the downtown area had a different crowd than I am used to. Just did not have查看详情
BJB7775, 2013-07-18
I really love this train station....its antique facade is really lovely, no wonder many tourists, including me, are taking some time to pose there :D...I love the details in the front part of the building...their windows, red bricks, statues and other artcrafts...with clear blue sky on the background..lovely.. Inside, the terminal is very functional...serving hundreds of thousands visitors and commuters, including tourists, I found this train station very interesting...It has lockers and bag dro查看详情
IndahNS, 2013-07-17
古典的阿姆斯特丹中央车站刚刚完成大修,车站磅礴大气,南侧广场临运河,北侧出站是一大片人工水域。车站有近二十个站台,有去往德国法国比利时和瑞士的国际列车。请注意防范小偷。 查看详情
荷兰, 2013-01-24
有一次我去阿姆斯特丹的时候住在了机场酒店,所以我不得不搭乘火车去城里。我真的很喜欢中央火车站,特别是那里的火车来得非常快这一点。火车站设计和修建得很不错,不管是查询信息还是购买火车票都很方便。另外,这里有许多的警察,如果你需要的话,随时都能找到一位来帮助你。 查看详情
CarpeNoctum_23, 2009-06-04
很不错的车站,人流量很大。一定要提防扒手,提高警惕就没事。那你那里你可以看到很多信息,还有很多英文的信息。麦片也很容易,你要么去售票机上买票,要么去售票处买。尽量从售票机上买,因为好像有折扣。来去机场的火车每10到15分钟一趟,比我们乘的火车好多了,并且到得也早!!!这个中央火车站装修得很不错,很容易找到,人流量很大。 查看详情
lacost69, 2006-07-31
如果不是必须去,我是不会去那儿的,那儿是扒手的天堂。很多人来来往往,那些粗心大意的人很容易成为扒手的目标。车站建得很漂亮,远观效果最佳。 查看详情
Laurie J, 2003-12-09

中央火车站 Centraal Station
Stationsplein, Amsterdam1012 AB, The Netherlands (Dam Square)


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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.