One of the best churches in Amsterdam with pretty nice view from the tower! It's situated not far away from Dam Square (5 min walk). Worth visiting - no doubt!查看详情
NVV, 2013-07-21
Bit disappointing that the tourist part of this is actually inside the church itself, takes away the appeal of the church slightly. Still a nice church but think the souvenir shop could be put in a better place.查看详情
Simon M, 2013-07-19
The church itself is a great example of a traditional protestant church, but the highlight was clumbing the church tower. Unlike a lot of other church towers that we climbed in Holland, this tower has guided tours and limits the number of people that can go up at one time. This was wonderful! The guide was very informative and the views from the top were amazing! Definitely a must see!查看详情
Mdwaugh2001, 2013-07-14
Go inside the church first and look at the impressive organ. When we went it was being played. check opening times for the church as it may close at 3pm each day. Then climb to the top of the tower for impressive views of Amsterdam. Only 6 are allowed in the tower at each tour, and tours are every 30 minutes. The stairs get steeper and narrower as you climb. You get the history of the tower from the guide as you go up. Would have liked to have spent more time at the top.查看详情
ted1001, 2013-07-05
Recently I have visited a lot of Dutch churches (like St. Bavo in Harlem and the St. John in Den Bosch), today I took some time to visit the West Church in the Jordaan area. Fortunately the church organ was played soon after I entered, impressive sound! It's nog a very big church but simply wonderful Renaissance style.查看详情
Neuteboom, 2013-06-22
A lovely church at the side of the canal and in close proximity to Ann Frank house and homomonument. With a statue of Ann Frank outside the church. This was also the church used in the wedding of Princess Beatrix (later to become queen) and the then aristocrat Claus von Amsberg.查看详情
derbypair_11, 2013-06-19
Just looked inside the church as we didn't have time for the tower tour, next time! The church itself is impressive, the largest Protestant church in the city and you can tell, next door to the Anne Frank house so impossible to miss. Worth a look inside.查看详情
SGP83, 2013-06-01
Compared to the great cathedrals of Europe, this little church isn't much. But it does provide some of the best views of the Amsterdam canals from the top. It's worth it just for the photo ops, but in addition, the tour guide is very animated and interesting. I've been in Mexico City where you can climb the bell tower of the cathedral, but the zombie-like guide drones on and on about the dimensions of the bell. Not so here -the guide keeps you interested with the history and daily life of 17th c查看详情
gregsf11, 2013-05-28
Great stop made before returning to Anne Frank when queue had dwindled. Good views from on top and very smiley happy guides, climb is broken in stages so not that demanding, although anyone who has problems fitting comfortably in an airline seat should probably avoid it as there are narrow spaces.查看详情
pekoe70, 2013-05-09
The Westerkerk was the place where Queen Beatrix and her husband Prince Claus are married. Rembrandt is buried there and Descartes and Anne Frank lived 'next door': almost literally. A must see in Amsterdam because so much history is condensed here in so few square meters. I was lucky enough to grow up in this area and cafe Het Werk, next to the church. was my gymnastics classroom . We used to surprise tourists in front of the building to answer their question before they had asked: "Anne Frank 查看详情
Henk58, 2013-04-26
This church was a landmark for us to use while we stayed in the Jordaan neighborhood of Amsterdam. It is a beautiful Protestant church with a lot of history built in 1620-1631. On March 10, 1966, Queen Beatrix (then Princess Beatrix) married Prince Claus in the Westerkerk. It is located next to the Anne Frank House.查看详情
Deb D, 2013-04-25
位于阿姆斯特丹市中心的西教堂据说伦勃朗埋葬于此 荷兰女王的婚礼也在这里举行 背后是著名的安妮之家 登塔远眺美不胜收 查看详情
荷兰, 2013-01-29
我们是一小组人去爬的高塔,就4-6人,还有个导游陪着我们,真是一次美妙的经历呀。这里有很多楼梯,但我们时不时的要停下来休息,因为途中导游会给我们简要介绍阿姆斯特丹和这个塔--我们知道了很多有趣的东西。塔顶的视野实在是太棒了。我们爬了大概30分钟,这里约有180阶楼梯。花了我们约55元,在我看来,这是我在阿姆斯特丹最好的旅游经历,而且绝对物有所值。 查看详情
ab2000, 2009-04-19
爬到顶部绝对是件值得的事。每次他们只让4-6个人爬上来,所以你可能要等一等了。不过一旦你在晴朗的日子里爬上来,那你就能观看到整个阿姆斯特丹的绝妙全景啦。最后,我还在上面拍了一些很棒的录像带呢。 查看详情
skippy61, 2006-01-18
2003年4月初的时候,我们花了几个小时去参观了西教堂和安妮之家,这两个地方离得很近,早上或是晚上去观光都很方便。而且两个景点的正前方就有一个出租车站。 在那样的时间段里,我和我老婆是唯一以最低价格爬到塔顶的人。虽然早春的时候会有冷风,寒气逼人,但从顶上看整个城市,那景观真的太壮阔了。爬楼的时候还好,但你还是需要弯着点腰,而且要小心一点。爬楼的过程中有很多有趣的事物。整个的行程(只有我们夫妻俩和导游)大约长达45分钟。我们的导游很友善,而且知识渊博。从塔顶观看到的阿姆斯特丹全景真的是让人此生难忘! 查看详情
CMC71, 2003-06-24

西教堂 West Church (Westerkerk)
Prinsengracht 279-281, Amsterdam1016, The Netherlands (Jordaan)



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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.