We saw this in the guidebook and wanted to get away from the centre (and canals) so trammed and strolled to the stable. The lonely planet guidebook had said it was free but on arrival they have obviously got wise so charged us €6 each. The welcome was friendly and we made our way to the cafe overlooking the riding arena. The cafe is, as others have said, really lovely to look at, the decor is fab and the arena is also pretty amazing bearing in mind it was built for riding. The service is poor - 查看详情
RevelsMaster, 2013-07-02
The first timme mmy husband brought mme to the Hollandsche Manege I was really immpressed that such a large horse stable was nestled smmack dab in the mmiddle in the city setting of Amsterdam. It really is a mmagnificant old fashioned stable. The general public are permmitted to visit during opening hours. Mmy first visit an young lady was doing her gallop practices on a white horse. As I haven't eaten there yet, I can only comment that there is a cute restaurant area overlooking the arena for r查看详情
isabelydancer00, 2013-05-26
Vous passez sous un porche en pleine ville et...c'est la surprise : un superbe manège avec des chevaux à l'entrainement, des salles superbes (notamment la salle où l'on vous offre un thé ou un café avec votre billet d'entrée et où vous pouvez regarder un petit film sur l'histoire du lieu). Un lieu plein de charme et inattendu.查看详情
rvbods, 2013-04-27
We went for high tea using what we thought seemed like a great deal on groupon. We invited a couple of friends and hoped it would be a great experience after all we had read on tripadvisor. I have to say that our experience was not good. I would not recommend going here unless it's for a simple cup of coffee. High tea is not worth it if you pay full price. The service was bad, the food was below average. On the plus side, the atmosphere was quite beautiful. The cafe overlooks the horse-riding ar查看详情
Wanderfool44, 2013-01-21
Ok I have to say that I am not really interested in horses but they were selling high tea via a Groupon voucher so as a DE for Amsterdam I am always interested in visiting new places and if they are good then I can recommend them to others. Unfortunately I can’t recommend this establishment. In fact I rarely say this but if I were you I would avoid it. Plus points. The building is very nice both inside and out and in a very nice part of Amsterdam. Apparently built by the same person who built th查看详情
RonaldoC, 2012-11-19
13 year old horse-crazy daughter loved the Manege! She enjoyed watching a riding lesson and wandering throughout the stables. I'm not a horse-person, but was pleased this was something she picked and enjoyed. I know that this is an old stable and enjoyed the parts that made it seem like it was from another time. Without my daughter's input, though, I don't think I would've made the effort to get there. There is a small entrance fee.查看详情
fridaysga, 2012-09-06
A building you would never suspect had a whole horse riding school inside! We got to walk around and pet the horses - we even got to see an 18-hand horse! We walked in while wandering around Vondelpark because my boyfriend's a rider. We were so surprised! Gorgeous riding areas, an other-wordly feel, and very friendly instructors. My boyfriend was able to get a pvt lesson for EUR 36 - a bargain compared to the £99 London charges! A must visit if you like horses!查看详情
Surabhi T, 2012-08-02
If you like horses and are visiting Amsterdam, you must go. A very impressive building with some beautiful horses. Six Euros entrance fee includes a drink in the quaint, small cafe overlooking one of the sand schools. Fascinating.查看详情
trendell26, 2012-07-04
FR : Faire payer 6 euros pour voir un manege minuscule, si beau soit-il, c est vraiment très mesquin; surtout quand il n'y a pas de reprise à laquelle assister. Heureusement qu'on peut aller voir les chevaux dans leurs jolis boxes. Une boisson chaude est soit disant offerte avec l'entrée, sauf qu'il n'y avait absolument personne derrière le magnifique bar…Je me suis contentée de regarder un film miteux racontant l'histoire du manège. Ajouter à ça le snobisme de quelques élèves présents (malheure查看详情
bibicheParis, 2012-05-09
I always loved horses, but most stables nowadays have no charisma, and this place has a plenty! from the moment you walk through the gate you are transported into a different place and time! And to know the locals had to protest to save it from being knocked down makes this place really special! and the horses are very friendly!查看详情
aneta_ch, 2012-02-05
Verrassend een oude manege in een prachtig gebouw, zo midden in de stad查看详情
luckyzuidholland, 2011-10-30
This stable can be missed very easily if u're not alert. make it a point to visit this unlikely attraction if ure near Vondelpark. Being the oldest horse stable in Amsterdam, it boasts gorgeous architecture. the architect for the stables is the same person who designed the Concertgebouw. :) contrary to other reviews, visitors are allowed into the stables and service at the cafe was very good. since there are not many visitors, you get your coffee immediately. by the way, the coffee is really goo查看详情
Angelina_AD, 2011-09-28
I had read very good things about this place like "one of the best cafe's in A'dam, so we went there to see it ourselves. Because of the manege it was very different than the other cafe's we visited on our trip, but the cafe really wasn't that good. The cafe is a place where the riders hang around after riding. Maybe we had the worst luck but after waiting like half an hour without any service to any customer at the cafe, we decided to leave. There was a balcony where you can see the riding clas查看详情
MsBean2, 2011-09-22
We went there because I had read a little write-up about this place and wanted to see it for myself. Both of our daughters are riders as well so it was a nice break from the usual museum visits etc. It is a bit out of the way but close to Vondelpark (which we didn't go to) and you can easily get there by tram. I was amazed! The stables aren't huge (and you are not really allowed into the stables as a visitor I think), but it was amazing to see such an old riding stable. I couldn't get over the s查看详情
Bronco09, 2011-07-26

荷兰马骑学校 Hollandsche Manege
Vondelstraat 140, Amsterdam1054 GT, The Netherlands (Vondelpark)



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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.