Beautifully set at the bottom of Amsterdam, (if you think of the Central Station being at the top) this allows you acres of attractive walking and sitting, with some fine planting and mature trees and landscaping. It is rightly popular with local inhabitants who use it for relaxation and games. The southern andwestern edges of the park are bordered by an expensive residential area, and worth a visit if you would like to see examples of expensive middle-class domestic architecture of the late nin查看详情
francis b, 2013-07-31
... and relax here in the green veil of Amsterdam. Stroll and relax away from the cars, motorbikes and fast bicyclists. Have your picnic lunch and get away from the commercial aspects of AMS.查看详情
ms mg, 2013-07-31
Something was very funy, for me from Brasil. It was very hot, bright sun, like my country. I haven´t see anywhere to refresh mysefl (except drinking beers rs). A dutch girl answered me: "refresh here?! No, we refresh at our homes, taking a shower". kkkk查看详情
AndreDiniz0, 2013-07-31
Vondelpark is a lovely spot for a quiet walk, but I wouldn't really put it on the same level as other great parks in the world. It's worth walking through once, or even better, riding through on a bicycle, especially if you're coming in to the city centre from that side of town.查看详情
Mark T, 2013-07-31
Beautiful to stroll through. Crowded in the summer time. Have known friends to sleep on the benches and not get hassled. Watch out for bikers, skaters, tourists. Can get very busy with good weather but worth it to relax in the sun and you can bring your own rose to drink outdoors.查看详情
M S, 2013-07-31
love this park, it was the dutch equivalent of HYde park or central park. beautiful with little streams and lakes, the paving was smooth making it great for running or long boarding查看详情
Achilles S, 2013-07-31
This park near the centre of Amsterdam is a really nice place to stay. In summer it is crowded at some places, but if you walk deeper into the park, beautifull free spots are there to find. A swimmingpool for the little one and an Original rose garden.查看详情
hansbennik, 2013-07-31
With Amsterdam's cycle and tram traffic, it is hard to relax on a run. Go to the Vondelpark and do a few interconnected loops. No mechanized traffic (except city vehicles) and the bicycles follow a predictable pattern - low risk of collision!查看详情
Mike_J1963, 2013-07-31
I think that we maybe struck it lucky, as I am aware that Amsterdam can have very changeable weather, however we were fortunate enough to visit when it was over 30 degrees and blazing sunshine. The park is huge and people seem to flock there when it is warm to cycle, jog or just sunbathe and eat ice cream. There was a traditional music event occuring on the band stand when we visited, just generally somewhere to while away the hours if you want a bit of a break from walking or the bars.查看详情
Jacqueline B, 2013-07-30
冯德尔公园是阿姆斯特丹市内的一大片绿地,绿树环绕,水系密布,是一个闹中取静的地方。很多孩子在里面嬉戏玩耍,还有遛狗和慢跑的居民。每年女王节这里可能是全世界最大的跳蚤市场。 查看详情
kcykcy, 2013-04-30
让人很放松。阳光明媚的日子,去那里野餐,带上点酒/啤酒,远离城市的喧嚣。强烈推荐! 查看详情
KeithMajor, 2009-05-31
这个公园真的超漂亮,里面有很多人骑单车、散步、慢跑、遛狗啊之类的。公园旁边的那些社区也非常漂亮。那些房子很整洁很好看。在公园里面骑了一会单车之后,我们就绕路走到了公园旁边的一个很漂亮的小区,大使馆就坐落在里面,我们在里面逛得很开心。走进这个公园之后,你就会觉得自己远离了中央车站和那些热门旅游景点的拥挤人群。如果去那个城市玩的话,一定要去这个公园逛逛。 查看详情
mattkorey, 2008-10-11
这间公园真是太棒了! 我们第一次去那儿时,是在一个星期日的下午,当时,公园里有很多人,有的在野餐,有的在观赏露天音乐会......我至今犹记得我和儿子骑着租来的单车沿着公园内迷人小径观光的美好时光。总之,我真是很喜爱这里,这里算是我在阿姆斯特丹最喜爱的地方之一了。 查看详情
Teacher95, 2008-09-15
对于某些人来说,这个公园像个迷你乌托邦,因此可能有些人可能会不喜欢,我是前者,哈哈。这里让我感受到荷兰的兼容并蓄、和平安宁和愉快的生活。 在去博物馆的路上,你可以来公园逛逛,因为它位于博物馆区之间,也在著名的Peter Cornelisz Hooftstraat购物一条街上,这里有很多高端的商店,不知道游客有多少时间来这里感受它的独特。公园里没有花,只有草地、绿树和灌木丛,非常实用。 也许你已经听说了,阿姆斯特丹人的处世之道是"待人宽,人亦待己宽",这也反映在公园上,其实公园是这种态度最完美的诠释。这里,你会看见跑步的人、散步的人、嗑药的人、玩乐的儿童、野餐的人、在草丛里做爱做的事的人和目瞪口呆的游客。每个人都在这里自由地生活,没有人说三道四,我一般都很反对在公共场所嗑药的人,但这里感觉他们已经跟自然融为一体了。 公园周边有很多不错的餐厅,买小蛋糕的时候务必问一下,因为有些烘焙食物里面有迷幻药! 总的来说,这里是荷兰人生活的缩影! 查看详情
Karen S, 2007-08-24
我去过水坝广场好几次了。老实说,Vondel公园是那一块儿里最漂亮最让人喜欢的地方了。远离广场的熙熙攘攘,忘掉中央车站的喧闹嘈杂,没有红灯区的奢靡堕落,和你的爱人,或哪怕只是和朋友一起,躺在翠绿柔软的草地上,静享那一份清爽与宁静。远离尘嚣,不受世事喧扰,多么惬意与自在啊! 查看详情
, 2006-06-20

冯德尔公园 Vondelpark
Stadhouderskade | Museum Quarter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Stadsdeel Zuid)


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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.