De Jordaan is a lovely district a short walk from the main hustle and bustle of the city centre. Lots of great bars and restaurants. If you go on a Saturday there is a big market selling everything from vintage ornaments to fish - and plenty of lovely cafes to stop and rest your feet in between the shopping. De Jordaan is a must if you visit Amsterdam. Very relaxed and chilled out.查看详情
VegasBride_12, 2013-07-31
We were in Amsterdam for only a day and change and the 1st thing we did was to walk to Jordaan. The neighbourhood has a lot of charm with small coffee shops along Prinsengracht which marks one boundary of the area. We also stopped along a superb Saturday market which was selling freshly baked goods, cheeses, meats et al. Next we came to a flea market from where I managed to pick up old currency notes of pre-Euro era. Anne Frank's House too is situated here, be prepared for long queues in case yo查看详情
Traveleator, 2013-07-31
The Jordaan area has many boutiques, local designers and welcoming bistros and cafes. If you're looking for fashion that is more unique than mainstream, this is the area for you. You can spend a few hours meandering the narrow streets taking pictures of life along the way. Very nice area of Amsterdam.查看详情
wlmcdonald, 2013-07-31
The famous photograph of this neighborhood is a street with snow, but at the summer it´s a good place to walk, see architecture buildings and get a beer anywhere.查看详情
AndreDiniz0, 2013-07-31
We were advised to visit the Jordaan district and did so one evening. We found a very nice restaurant for a meal and enjoyed wandering around the quaint narrow streets.查看详情
RobinaDorset, 2013-07-31
Best part of Amsterdam for quiet walks, cool cafès and nice little restaurants. The volume just seems turned down in this area and you feel like you could melt into the background and stay forever. Wonderful!查看详情
Mark T, 2013-07-31
Too crowded, too much traffic on foot, by bike. Shops are meh and too small. Rather go sit in a cafe but even those seem very crowded. Super busy on Queens day so ok for a short time but I'm not a crowd person so avoid if you are claustrophobic.查看详情
M S, 2013-07-31
kind of a cool area, but need to have an experience to support this. This seems to be an area for 'hanging out', which is ok. However, if you miss it, you don't miss much查看详情
Mike_J1963, 2013-07-31
SO chilled out here and full of little restaurants, coffeeshops, Brown Cafe's. A really pretty neighbourhood, definitely worth a visit.查看详情
Jacqueline B, 2013-07-30
很有意思的一条街,看起来很窄,里面有很多店铺还有美食。我经过他们看我是外国人,对我也很友好,给我打招呼来着。感觉充满了友善的气息,到阿姆斯特丹必逛哦。 查看详情
城市小绵羊, 2012-11-20
这里有商店,酒吧,咖啡馆,马车,小船,自行车,不过没有电车,人也不多,所以很适合想远离喧嚣的人。 查看详情
Peggysue93, 2012-10-18
很喜欢约丹区,这里其他一些地方要显得高级些,有着漂亮的房子和商店,虽然比较贵,但还是可以进去看看的。非常的安静,宁和,沿着运河散步是很享受的,不过得一直小心后面骑自行车的人。 查看详情
ColandJanWarrington, 2012-10-17
街道两边都是大树,运河和旁边的房子都营造出一种很宁静的感觉,在这里拍照可真是怎么拍都美。那里的山墙可真是一出独特的风景,让我们打开眼界,了解到世界上居然还有这么一种山墙。 查看详情
pontevecchio59, 2012-10-16
真是个完美的住宿之选。距离是中心十分近,而且非常安静,还有宁静的狭窄街道,两旁还有很多小餐馆和小商店。这里非常适合散步,放松自己。也很适合孩子们。氛围真的不错。 查看详情
CRC30, 2012-10-15
最近我们去阿姆斯特丹玩了一趟,我们在那玩得很开心。我们住的是约丹区的一个公寓酒店,如果你想找一个稍微安静点的地方睡觉,又离各个景点都近的话,那我建议你来约丹区。我是个素食者,这里有很多素食可以选择,上网搜一下"快乐奶牛",但是我们最爱的是"绿色星球"的Bohead(不知道有没有拼错?!)。梵高博物馆很值得一游,但是在网上订票的时候一定要小心,我们就是在网上订的票,结果博物馆门口的检票员说没有找到我们的订票信息,然后我们花了很长的时间才把事情说清楚,浪费的时间比排队买票!荷兰人很友善,我们的旅行很顺利。大家玩开心点! 查看详情
Eyesi, 2007-07-15

乔达安 The Jordaan
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Jordaan)


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