“somewhere to go”
have been to darwin a few times over the years they have redone the wharf precinct and i think it has lost its old charm but still if u have nerver been ther its worth a look plenty of eateris/restuarants and some history left.查看详情
EwhenandChristine, 2013-02-17
“Waterfront Precinct”
The waterfront is a world class facility that has everything. Head there for a weekend away from life.查看详情
Becfor, 2013-02-11
“Good venue for the family”
We attended on a Friday night. The view over the water was wonderful. The variety of food was good.The storm held off for the course of our meal. We had a large seafood platter that had lobster and bugs included. We would definitely go back again.查看详情
karajen, 2013-02-02
“great way to spend a few hours”
Our daughter loves the wave pool. Always a great few hours. Could do with a few more lounges. Don't forget unblock as not much shade. Well worth a visit and the kids will have a blast查看详情
Alison F, 2013-02-01
“My favourite part of Darwin”
I spent 3 days in Darwin recently and found the wharf precinct the be the most attractive area of the city. I walked down there on the first evening of my stay and was pleasantly surprised at the layout, with the restaurants & hotels built around the lagoon. I continued up to Stokes Hill Wharf and was again delighted at the selection of food available: a large variety of cuisines at an affordable price, with a scenic and family-friendly dining area directly beside the harbour. It's worth finding查看详情
danschaumann, 2013-01-31
“Nice sunsets”
Great down at the wharf we goo often and get a cheap meal and a drink and watch the sun set . We take bread with. Us and feed the fish our daughter loves it there giant golden travail and baitfish and last weekend we were there and a pod of dolphins came right up to the wharf edge it was awesome only thing is that the drinks are very expensive查看详情
Clint T, 2013-01-30
“Everything at your doorstep!”
We stayed at the Vibe Hotel which is in a great location looking over the wave pool and the wharfs. We didn't eat near the hotel but there looked like a number of nice restaurants close to the water. We did eat at The Jetty Restaurant and from the foodhall outlets on Stokes Hill Wharf which were great, right on the water. It was also a 10 minute walk to the Smith Street Mall. I think this would probably be the best area to stay in Darwin as it felt very safe.查看详情
Dee271, 2013-01-29
“Seafood Heaven!”
A working waterfront with plenty to see and do. The Precinct Bar is a standout for its wide range of beers and interesting menu at reasonable prices. Plenty of parking. Walk to the end of the wharf well worth it for the view of the harbour. Seafood widely available at reasonable prices.查看详情
johnscottpalmer, 2013-01-28
The wharf precinct is undoubtably the nicest part of Darwin . I has good choice of restaurants and swimming for big and little people. Just a nice place for a walk away from the traffic.查看详情
dropshot37, 2013-01-25
“Darwin Wharf Precinct”
Excellent. We loved the little food "hall" - and didn't realise that there was two of them. My husband was fascinated by the camel one had on the menu. Crustaceans restaurant is great. The only thing is, if you go "latish" you will have trouble parking as parking is limited. We had quite a walk.查看详情
Jenny M, 2013-01-22
靠近市区,能步行至港口辖区,一路上景色迷人。这里有用网子围出的一片游泳区,有救生员,模拟出海浪的泻湖,非常有趣。这里有很多咖啡馆,还有零售区,公园和周围环境非常干净、维护很好。 查看详情
Sandyblue, 2012-06-14
强力推荐这个地方,但建议去旧码头一带,那里有很多座位和几个大排档可供选择。芭拉和炸薯条都是不错的简餐,我妈妈钟爱中式大排档。这里的食物很简单,就像小饭馆卖的那些,但这里的景致和户外座位让此地变成了一个好地方。如果可以,找个靠近水边的位子,给水里的鱼喂些炸薯条,然后喝上一杯冰镇红酒,味道有所不同但提神醒脑。 查看详情
Jana Z, 2012-06-09
你可以在码头附近惬意的散步的哦。也可以在阳光温暖的日子里在礁湖和泳池里面泡澡。太阳烘烤着花园。从人行道上的美景一直蔓延到地平线。 查看详情
poison13, 2012-06-06
自从上次来之后,这片达尔文区域发生了巨大变化,看到这里日新月异真让人高兴。这里有公寓、商店、餐厅和酒店。新的小沙滩和相邻的泳池非常适合家庭游客。花园维护得很好。人行道与市中心相接,出行非常方便。 查看详情
heynok, 2012-06-05
这里白天是可以参观的历史遗迹。我们在户外露天处吃了很棒的晚餐,也看了港口里的船。交响乐团在当天晚上有演出,我们还额外的看了焰火表演。一定要查看下音乐表演场那里有没有表演。 查看详情
formerhusker71, 2012-06-03

Darwin Wharf Precinct
Stokes Hill Wharf, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

电话:(08) 8981 4268


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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.