“Mindi beach sunset markets”
Wow, what an experience. Beautiful weather, wonderful food experiences (not much for coeliacs though) but wished we could have tried all the superb weird and wonderful food on offer. The craft was different than your usual markets with a focus on indigenous craft, and the atmosphere so very friendly. To top it off the sunsets were awesome, unbelievable, out of this world.查看详情
ekbg2002, 2013-02-20
“Market could have been better...”
The view at sunset is amazing, but for a market I would have expected a fair bit more local hand made goods. The one stand out was the performance by EmCee a didgeridoo artist who plays 5 didgeridoo's at once and with a really funky sound, I bought a CD and would go again just to hear him!查看详情
Kezzwezz, 2013-01-27
“Crowded and crappy”
Its turned into a tourist trap with poor quality, overpriced food compared to what you get elsewhere in Darwin. The parking and crowds are a nightmare. Get jostled and bumped when trying to get something to eat. But if you like congestion........go for it !!查看详情
olgazza55, 2013-01-25
“Beautiful sunset and markets”
Loved the many types of cuisine available from the stalls and being able to sit on the beach at sunset.查看详情
Chris L, 2013-01-16
The beach and sunsets are second to none, the markets are massive though do we tend to avoid them. If you like markets well these have a sensation choice of food.查看详情
sonnydarwin, 2013-01-16
“very nice sunset!”
Awesome sunset esp right in front of Skycity hotel and casion. Didn't walk at the beach - jellyfish warning in wet season :(查看详情
ozpc, 2013-01-14
“The Best Market to date”
What can I say. Mindil Beach markets. Absolutely awesome. Definitely do not eat anywhere else before attending. The food stalls were awesome with so many choices and tasty treats. The things to buy are great and well priced. Music, fun, the sunset on the beach. I can't wait to visit again. An abosulute must see.查看详情
Rik B, 2013-01-12
“Beach good for photograph”
Very good beach to take picture in the sun rise moment. Close to some of very nice hotel as Sky City hotel or follow the walk way to adventure yourself with mother nature查看详情
Onishidato, 2013-01-10
“Went with my family”
Same old, same old. Nothing changes at Mindil. It is the same thing week in, week out. Same food, same stalls. Totally boring after the third time.查看详情
Donna8990, 2013-01-03
“a Dry season must - at least once!”
Always arrive at least one hour before sunset, so you can wander around check out the local products, there's always something new, get a foot massage, buy an orchid, a crocodile tooth or wallet or some local art - then make the tough decision about what you will eat, then go and sit on the beach and enjoy the sunset. Sometimes the crowd breaks out into automatic response clapping which is delightful - yes, Darwin's sunsets are impressive. My favourite is a mango and banana smoothie with a hint 查看详情
Heather T, 2012-12-24
能吃到不错的亚洲菜,还能看漂亮的日落。在附近小摊逛逛,感觉很好,卖各种小东西。都是周四和周日晚上营业哈! 查看详情
Canterbury54, 2012-06-14
我已经连续十几年来过明迪尔海滩(Mindil Beach)集市了,每次都不会感到厌烦。有成百上千的小吃摊,提供各种口味的食物,应有尽有。吃完晚饭后会有的夜市小摊可以逛,更别提还有优美的日落以及夜景可以看了,环境十分优雅。 查看详情
Arafurian, 2012-06-13
明迪尔海滩的日落是闻名遐迩的。最好的办法就是去众多的菜肴那弄点吃的和喝的,再找个好的视角观看了日落演出。试试绿色的手抓沙拉,这也是很有名的。 查看详情
WineloverMelbourne, 2012-06-11
我曾经住在过达尔文市,并且每年都回来,去的时候呢我依然相信周四麦迪尔海滩集市是达尔文市能提供的最好的景点啦。这个市场上不是都是中国制造的不值钱的小玩意儿,而是一个全都是当地产品的大市场(有食物,木制品,艺术品,礼品)(对一个国产产品来说)价格都不是很高的。这是个相当大的市场呢,早晨的时候确实很拥挤,不过如果晚点到的话(下午七点半以后),就不那么糟糕啦,不过呢,集市是九点就关门了。我的选择是早点到,看看日落的美景,喝杯冷饮(我建议芒果沙冰配着润饼卷,润饼卷是一种小春卷,总是有跟它们一起的酱呢)队伍很长又吃的晚的时候就浏览一下有没有座位。 星期天的集市是个很小的市场,没有那么多的商店,也不那么拥挤,不过我还是推荐周四大集的 查看详情
Jana Z, 2012-06-09
这里或许是我去过的最好的市场。这里有很多好吃的东西。演奏四个澳大利亚传统迪吉里杜管的人很棒。在走了一天后,这里有很棒的足疗。这里绝对值得来看看。 查看详情
Debbie A, 2012-06-09

Mindil Beach
Darwin, Northern Territory


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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.