My husband and I had so much fun hear and actually had tea in the cheaper cafe, it was beautiful though. We had an excellent time and would go back there anytime.查看详情
Zoe W, 2013-02-15
“Nice , safe and Clean.”
The Casino is at the Pullman hotel (there are 2 Pullman hotels in Cairns). Very nice, very clean, very helpful staff. Gambling is not my thing, but we spent a couple of hours in the evening, and it was very pleasant.查看详情
Hexagone6x6, 2013-02-15
“a bet or 2”
Lots of machines available and well spaced out. It was also well ventilated and staff were available at the front.查看详情
irishberniem, 2013-02-14
“The Casino”
My first ever visit to a casino. Amazed by the opulent interior and watched fascinated by the players whilst sipping a glass of chanpagne查看详情
AmblesideMaggie, 2013-02-12
“getting better all the time”
Cairns, so much to see so much to do. Keep a clear head and make the most of it. See it all and top it off with a visit to the Cairns Casino. Even if you have seen many others this one is different. Cosy small yet still full of surprises. Do not expect Las Vegas but then once in Cairns do not miss it.查看详情
vk4hb, 2013-02-11
“A Casino - Come And Check It Out”
Nice and Easy to get into without dress codes although you have to be at least neat and tidy. The fish and chips in the Flinders Bar and Grill inside are very tasty and filling and much appreciated after a good long walk. They are quite reasonable in prices and by that I mean the food is very cheap and you eat in great comfort as it is cool in there as well. It is hot in the summer here it's the tropics so come in and get a reprieve. There was hardly anyone around at 10am on Aussie day but peopl查看详情
, 2013-02-03
“suprisingly cheap drinks!”
really enjoyed it. laidback atmosphere can basically wear what you want and cheap drinks. massive sportsscreen to watch football etc, no faults food alright as well. good for group of people just in cairns for the weekend but if yur a serious gambler might not be your thing.查看详情
travellingboy140, 2013-02-01
“Great Casino”
Nice small casino. Visited during wet season, gave us a bit of entertainment and something different to do apart from all the touristy things whilst it was pouring outside.查看详情
rmdre, 2013-01-23
“Tacky - Ceaser's Palce this is not”
Think of a motorway service staion games room expanded and with more gaudy bits and this is the Reef Casino. Horrid place查看详情
mgtfdjm, 2013-01-21
“Casual atmosphere”
It was strange to walk into the Reef casino with shorts and tee shirt as most places have dress codes. I suppose they do too but it is as relaxed as the swaying palms outside. The meals in the bistro were generous and very well priced. There is a variety of slot machines to satisfy all tastes and the usual gaming tables. A must visit place , if only to watch the glazed looks of the punters !查看详情
MarcusBVictoria, 2013-01-17
“Sam Powers的表演”
这是我第二次去看Sam Powers的表演了。第一次去的时候,我对他的表演感到震惊,所以我带我老公一起去,以为能看懂些他的把戏,但是没有,我还是一头雾水。 我女儿学习舞蹈,我非常喜欢那个助理的服装,表演也很精彩。 老公大声喝彩,给予掌声。休息时,我跟周围人聊天,他们都说比起他们在海外看到的魔术表演,这个要精彩得多。我听到了许多关于他技巧的争论,不过没有负面评价。 观众们看得很开心,掌声喝彩声此起彼伏。 落幕后,Sam还很高兴地和我们合影,我太感动了。 查看详情
Madangmum, 2012-06-11
棒极了,Sam Powers非常具有领袖魅力,而且为人风趣,平易近人。他的表演棒极了,我在拉斯维加斯的一家赌场欣赏过一场老虎魔术,但那根本无法与Sam Powers相提并论。他的表演扣人心弦。表演结束之后,他还跟观众进行互动。他真是一位技艺高超,才华横溢的年轻人!去欣赏他的表演吧!!! 查看详情
Dean S, 2012-06-09
“Sam Powers-一定要去的地方”
我和我的朋友们很幸运的在周末的时候去看了Sam Powers顶级魔术师的顶级魔术秀。我可以肯定的告诉你,这场表演太精彩了。如果你住在凯恩斯,而且有机会去看,你一定要去。 魔术表演令人兴奋,再加上整场秀的搞笑部分,使得整个晚上都过得非常愉快。这里舞台和观众席的距离把握的非常到位 ,让你有一种你也参与了表演的感觉,这比那种大礼堂要好得多,因为在大礼堂,你根本看不到舞台。有很多观众都亲身参与了魔术表演,为整个秀增添了很愉快的气氛。 如果有人说Sams的表演原始,俗气,充满了性,那么他一定是被Sams 帅气的外表吓到的男人-女士们,如果想大饱眼福,记得不要带你的男朋友同去。嘿嘿 总之,Sam Powers为凯恩斯增添了很多吸引力,钱花的值得,我愿意把他的魔法秀推荐给任何人。 查看详情
Apple14_87, 2012-06-04
我是来赌场看Sam Powers表演的,发现演出很吸引人,在抓住众人眼球方面Sam做得很好。 值得一看,最后的那场“幻觉”更是传奇,我到现在还难以置信呢,一定要自己来看看亲自观赏一下啊! 查看详情
NicP_79, 2012-06-04
我很喜欢这个表演。我住在当地,每次我都会带客人们观看超越想象表演,昨天晚上也是。那又是一个带给我们精彩体验的夜晚,我的客人完全为之倾倒了。昨天晚上,我的客人们从20岁到60岁年龄不等,他们所有人都被那场表演迷住了。景象非常壮观(虽然看过表演很多次,但我仍然不知道他们是怎么做到的!)舞者美丽动人,山姆是那么风趣!!就像其他观众一样,我们一群人笑了很久。表演快要结束的时候,山姆和舞者们跑上梯子,在最后的时间亲自向观众们表示谢意,他们与观众握手,并且配合拍照。表演完这么激情澎湃的表演他们一定很累了,但他们还是那么迷人地站在那里,向每一个观众致谢,让每个人都感到自己很特别。这是你一定要参加的夜间娱乐活动! 查看详情
Cairnsgurl, 2012-06-02

The Reef Casino
35-41 Wharf St., Cairns, Queensland, Australia

电话:07 4030 8888


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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.