“Best place to shop in Adelaide”
As far as shopping precincts go, the Mall is really the best place to get anything in Adelaide. However in comparison to shopping in Melbourne, or even Perth, it's sub-par. That said, I really like the fountain in the middle and the Malls Balls are lovely, as are the variety of buskers. The fact it's now Smoke Free is also good.查看详情
Pikasafire, 2013-01-03
“The shopping centre of Adelaide!”
Still love strolling down Rundle Mall looking at all the shops, popping into Myer, Woolies, JBHiFi and the many, many other retailers there. Something unique and special about the Mall. Not to mention the pigs and the Mall's Balls!查看详情
guru_g_syd, 2013-01-02
“Great way to spend an arvo”
An afternoon to kill in Adelaide can be easily attained down Rundle Mall. Shopping is decent and every 20yards will have a street performer stretching themselves to entertain.查看详情
danjmham, 2013-01-01
“small but the best there is in the city centre”
Don't expect heaps, the mall isn't massive. If you want massive you need to go to a shopping centre out in the suburbs. It is decent, with a variety of shops, including moderately expensive brands (although really high end is on Rundle Street), cheap teenage/young adult stores, shoe/bag stores, 2 dollar stores, cafes, food malls, department stores, sewing/craft, stationary etc This is one of the main places to meet up with people in the city and to go at lunch time if you are at uni查看详情
TMul127, 2012-12-27
“fun place to hang out”
vibrant, lots of street performers, food, and shopping. always something going on. can get a bit crowded and annoying.查看详情
PENNsational, 2012-12-20
“Best selection of shops!”
For a visitor to Adelaide Rundle Mall is a must if you like shopping and want a great choice of goods. There are the usual big stores such as David Jones and Myers plus a myriad of smaller shops and eateries. easy to spend a day walking around and it is within easy walking distance of all the major hotels.查看详情
peterfloyd54, 2012-12-17
“Not brilliant”
Rundle Mall looks so rundown and on a cool day is not a brilliant shopping experience. I much prefer to use Marion shopping centre which is under roof, free parking and a nice experience. Not my favourite place to shop查看详情
Pauline K, 2012-12-17
“A long stroll with plenty of shops”
I liked the public art - especially the pigs - and the relaxed atmosphere as people strolled past shops or sat on benches in the centre. The arcades were my favourite, with small independent specialist shops , from hats to crafts. A museum of the arcades was worth a visit to se the history of Adelaide shopping.查看详情
AlisonS815, 2012-12-16
“An easy stroll”
Easy place to walk, lots of places to eat and enjoy watching the passing parade, clean street with friendly people. Lots of shops for the shppers. Had a great time查看详情
DrChip, 2012-12-12
“What ever you need”
Although the mall is a little dated it is still a great place just to sit and watch the world go by. Plenty of eateries in the mall itself, most of the large stores have their own food malls with a decent selection of food for every taste. Usually you will come across someone busking in the mall, it all adds to the flavour. Don't forget to see the pigs in the mall. On North Terrace you can go to the Art Gallery, Library and Botanic Gardens as well as Government House and the War Memorial.查看详情
salswife, 2012-12-12
这个购物商场看上去很厌倦,需要改进。过去这里很繁华,但是它还需要进步,它能做得更好,布里斯班的皇后街或者悉尼新开的皮特街都是这样。这有不错的拱形商贸街。 查看详情
Casa62, 2012-06-13
“蓝道购物城(Rundle Mall)”
蓝道购物城是一个行人专供区,并声称给购物者提供方便,,考虑到这里距离比较短,店铺非常方便,它确实也做到了。然而他们提供的便利也仅限于此,这里的店铺没有那么多,大部分店铺充其量也只能算一般。 不是一个非常令人激动的地方。 查看详情
Peter P, 2012-06-06
这些天有点累,去了其他城市的零售商场,街道说教者有点破坏气氛,网络让这些商场有点多余。阿德雷德的停车不错,城市规模相对有点小,从东到西,从北到南很容易。 查看详情
Andrew M, 2012-06-05
如果你来阿德莱德中央商务区的话就很难错过Rundle Mall,虽然周六会很挤,尤其是天气好就人了,是个吃饭购物的好地方。这种大型封闭式的“中心区”(比如Myer中心,大卫琼斯等)都有室内美食城以及免费高档的公共厕所,很适合旅行者前来。我们几乎逛了所有店,从Woolworth超市到药店再到Dymock书店以及Smiggle儿童学习用品店,还喝了好几杯咖啡以及芒果奶昔。 查看详情
NoRestForTheWeary, 2012-06-05
从廉价商店,精品店到你主要的百货商店,Rundle购物中心什么都有。在购物中心的一端,是巧克力天堂,Darrell Lea和Haigh's chocolate就互为对面。当你走下去购物中心,经过玛雅中心,David Jones,City Cross和Adelaide Arcade,你最后会走到蓝道街,那里是很多澳大利亚设计师精品店的所在地,例如Sass and Bide,Lisa Ho and Zimmerman还有美味的餐厅。。。试试Sosta's的西班牙油条。。。很美味!!! 查看详情
TheDreamKey, 2012-06-04

Rundle Mall
Rundle St btw King William St and Pulteney St, Adelaide, South Australia5000, Australia



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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.