“A Planned City”
North Terrace is a good example of what a planned city looks like. Adelaide was founded in 1836 and built as a planned city with a square mile central business district which is surrounded by parkland that is surrounded by suburbs.

North Terrace is on the northern edge of the central business district and contains various government buildings such as the University of Adelaide, state museum, state art gallery, state library, war memorial, and main railway station. Most of these building查看详情
Roman N, 2013-01-05
Good place to visit is the Casino on North Terrace for a quiet drink, meals or a play the tables or pokies查看详情
Shane3211, 2013-01-02
“Adelaide is great”
close to everything, we stayed at the oaks embassy and it was perfect for what we needed, a short stroll to the nearest tram station and totally self contained with amazing views of the city skyline. We have stayed there again since and were not disappointed查看详情
WendyAliceSprings, 2012-12-29
“North Terrace, Adelaide”
North Terrace in the Adelaide cbd is the most impressive street in the city, housing the South Australian Museum, SA Art Gallery, State Library, Government House, State Parliament, the Adelaide Casino and both the Adelaide and SA universities. At the eastern end is the entrance to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and a little further on is the Wine Museum.
It is well worth spending a few hours dipping into the various free attractions and is a pleasant stroll in its own right.
On the souther查看详情
F P, 2012-12-26
“Great variety of attractions!”
From the museum to the Art Gallery there is plenty to see along North Terrace. Only a short walk north of the city it is easy to spend most of the day visiting attractions in this area. What surprised me was the small amount of traffic that passed through the area on the weekend which made life much quieter and easier to cross the wide street. There are plenty of eating places within easy walking distance too!查看详情
peterfloyd54, 2012-12-17
“This promenade lacks shade”
Whilst the paving and water features are attractive, there is a distinct lack of shade in Adelaide's warmer weather. More deciduous shade trees would make this an excellent walking space.查看详情
Darryl D, 2012-12-13
“where the most landmarks are”
North Terrace in Adalaide is probably where the concentration of landmarks and old buildings are, in fact North Terrace would be where the CBD area is and Victoria Square the centre of the Symmetric city of Adelaide is just a triangle with Grass and couple of statues. North Terrace has the River, Arts, Casino, Rundall Mall, Old Museums etc...查看详情
SugSydney, 2012-12-11
“enjoy a stroll”
a bit noisy with traffic, but a nice place to walk with nice cafes and bars along the way. enjoy the Holy Trinity Church on the west side, the oldest Church in Adelaide. Great free stops along the way including the library, S Australia Museum, Art Museum, and Universities.查看详情
PENNsational, 2012-12-09
“Lovely North Terrace.”
This is a worthwhile promenade on the northern edge of the city, just across from the Murray River. Here you will find the South Australian Art Gallery, Adelaide Convention Centre, main Railway Station and a variety of colonial architecture, statues and very nice hotels. Just behind North Terrace lies the main shopping street complete with it's modern malls and some excellent pubs and eateries.查看详情
worldwotcha, 2012-12-07
“Great area”
Enjoyed strolling the streets. Great shopping, food and drinking spots. Didn't stay at north terrace but definitely would next visit查看详情
Jo F, 2012-12-05
沿着North Terrace步行感觉就像是上了一堂关于南非的历史文化课,从火车站开始,经过一栋老的议会大厦,然后就是具有历史感的政府大楼、画廊、博物馆、大学、医院和植物园,你可以逛一整天,非常棒。 查看详情
Wangary, 2012-05-29
我们每次开车到North Terrace看博物馆,画廊,战争纪念馆和图书馆等,都把我带回到在维也纳的时光。建筑保护的很好,花园和树木也是。 查看详情
LGNG, 2012-05-29
这里有众多的咖啡厅、餐厅和酒吧,让“美食家们”很开心!在这里溜达一下感觉很不错,可以欣赏附近的花园,还有一些很好的礼品店!一大优点是这里有很棒的住宿的地方! 查看详情
Sandra A, 2012-05-25
这个博物馆、艺术馆和图书馆以及大学建筑包括了保存的很好的文化和历史区域。另一面就是另一回事了。除了百货商店,人行道脏,还有疏于管理的夜店建筑和一个很差的历史建筑,被用脚手架驾着以防倒塌。在这些建筑上有经过风吹日晒的碎石,但似乎没人在意。如果路的另一边和这一边不是有那么强的反差,那这里看起来也没那么坏。 看这个区域壮观的历史青铜像真的挺值的。如果街的沿途都打扫干净了,这里可以打五分。这里的管理者明显是工作不到位。 查看详情
Ashleigh B, 2012-05-22
这不是阿德莱德最棒的参观地点。在北大街的尽头有一些漂亮的古建筑,大学,议会等。他们是值得一看的。如果你沿着北大街继续往下走,就会觉得它很普通了,尤其是在晚上。有许多可以吃饭的地方,这取决于你的预算。街道停车几乎是不可能的,但在娱乐场所附近以及大学校园的后面是有停车场的。阿德莱德有很多更好更值得参观的地方。现在有了电车,这儿可能变得非常繁忙了! 查看详情
Kerog, 2012-05-07

North Terrace
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia


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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.