“Tram was quick and easy...”
We thought it was very clean, and also efficient. We found the service to be excellent, but there could be easier options for payment for visitors. The train schedule could also be more clear for visitors (as compared to the ease of transport in Melbourne or Sydney).查看详情
Fish_Swim_Play, 2013-01-05
“Nostalgic Tram Ride”
I am an Adelaide expatriate and riding the Glenelg tram is my favorite thing to do when back in Adelaide. It is a pleasant ride into central Adelaide and shows you what suburban Adelaide looked like about 50 years ago. It is a very convenient way to get from the central city to the old beach suburb of Glenelg. We notice that someone below called Glenelg shabby but that is what gives it its appeal. Nearly all of its buildings are historic (by Australian standards) and it has a relaxed environment查看详情
Roman N, 2013-01-05
“Easy to use”
So clean, easy to understand and really easy to use. Its great to have free stops around the CBD and then the staff are so happy to help you understand the rest查看详情
TB74Fnq, 2013-01-04
“Fabulous tram”
We love this tram and usually use it at least once when in Adelaide. It goes from Jetty Road in Glenelg to the city. Fast and comfortable and free for parts of the journey. Also if you have a seniors card, even a Victorian one it is free between 9am and 3pm weekdays and free all weekend!!!查看详情
judykbee, 2013-01-03
“Good Transport”
The tram line has now been extended upto the Entertainment Centre, some sections are free to travel. You can buy a ticket on board (credit card option available) or wait for a ticket conductor. The trip is very pleasant查看详情
Shane3211, 2013-01-02
电车据说在阿得莱德已经有很长历史了,但显然现在还在运营的这条线路是现代化后的结果,列车整洁简约现代,但是服务却维系了一直以来的高水准。20分钟就能从市区到达海滩,可以上车买票也可以在市区便利商店买到,价格嘛有点小贵。 查看详情
erfu87, 2013-01-01
“Easy to get around”
The tram was really easy to use, and made it back and forth from downtown to Glenelg quickly. You have to put in a bit of effort to figure out the ticket system, but just ask someone. Everyone in Adelaide is so nice!查看详情
Suzanne I, 2013-01-01
“Only way to get to Glenelg”
Driving to Glenelg would have been a disaster, there is little to no parking and all of it metered. So glad we took the tram. It comes every 15 mins and only took about 20 to get to Glenelg.查看详情
aussieeuro27, 2012-12-31
“Travel convenience”
Loved the clean no nonsense convenient, tram travel, way to get about.Conductor has a 'real' sense of humour plus most helpful and informative.查看详情
Suzanne W, 2012-12-31
“Kudos Adelaide!”
What a fabulous addition to Adelaide's public transport system! We used the tram to go from the Rundle Mall down to Gouger Street for dinner, and back again, all for free as it was within the free city loop.

We needed to take a taxi down to Glenelg for an early morning start to a tour, which cost $25.50 and just over 15 minutes - but we took the tram back, a bargain at only $3! It took around 40-45 minutes, and is obviously well used, by locals and tourists alike.

We bought o查看详情
phoenix555, 2012-12-29
格莱内尔格有轨电车是到格莱内尔格海滩和娱乐区的最好方法。它会直接把你送到码头和海滩的门口,不远处就是所有的商店、咖啡屋和酒吧。车票可以上车后从友好的检票员手中买,也可以在市里大多数的便利店买到。票有多种选择,你可以咨询检票员,找出最适合自己的。 查看详情
Wdesilva, 2012-06-13
坐满了人,在炎热的天气里感觉有点拥挤。15分钟走一辆,还不错,可以到阿德莱德火车站,也还不错。从Glenelg回来之后,买一张2小时的票,坐火车或者汽车去任何一个地方。对年轻人来说会是很新鲜的经历. 查看详情
JHosking_57, 2012-06-12
这真是一个神奇之旅!我们从墨尔本回来,看到这里如此健谈、热情、给力的指导员我们真是惊呆了。我们来过这里两次,但是很遗憾地得知不久以后这里这些可爱的人儿将会被机器所取代。 查看详情
ozgirl999, 2012-06-12
出去花钱很少的一下午。从市中心到格雷尔大约要半个小时吧,那儿有很多不错的商店,咖啡馆和酒吧可以去溜达溜达呢。暖和的时候在水上将会是很棒的呢。 查看详情
misstravellots, 2012-06-10
电车旅行现在很少有了,尽管它曾经是很常见的一种运输方式呢。格雷尔电车是电车运输中的一种现代形式哦,从城市到格雷尔郊区的美丽的海边,大约要花费大约二十分钟,那里还有很不错的购物区和饭店哦。 查看详情
baranne, 2012-06-10

Glenelg Tram
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia


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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.