“Fantastic project”
A wonderful experience for both tourists and locals. On their tours you can get up close and personal with some of their animals, many of which have been rescued! And of course they have their cute Tassie Devils! While we were there, several people came in with birds / animals that they'd rescued. The Sanctuary staff accepted them straight away and started looking after them.
And they even stayed open late as our driver was late, and they didn't want us waiting outside in the rain!
Keep 查看详情
FforFred, 2013-01-04
“Wild Life Extraordinaire”
Wonderful setting and the animals are cared for extremely well. Such a pleasure to see the animals in such good condition.查看详情
Mary F, 2013-01-01
“Surprisingly great day”
Heard of this little wildlife park and thought there would be a chance to see a few animals but was pleasantly surprised. Really interesting presentation both with the koalas and the Tasmanian Devils and plenty chance to wander round the park feeding different animals.

As a tourist from the UK there were plenty of different native animals to Australia to see and play with and wander round seeing.

Good day查看详情
dbhettle, 2012-12-26
“Expensive and not much variety.”
Good kangaroo and Tasmanian Devil display, but not much else. A few birds and a couple of koalas. We took our three grandchildren and it cost the five of us $70. In WA there is (was) a similar park called Marapana which was less expensive and with much greater animal display and contact.查看详情
rogbaggs, 2012-12-25
“Up close with kangaroos!”
If you are an animal lover, you will love the closeness of how the kangaroos run freely in the park.. you get to feed the kangaroos and just be careful not to have too many kangaroos around you! The Devil's run has a lot of Tasmanian Devils and they are so cute too.. a nice place to see the animals..查看详情
Jezzie H, 2012-12-21
“great morning”
a lovely place to spend a couple of hours, great access to animals, including being able to feed Kangaroos and rub a Koala. A little hard to take around a buggy as some of the steps were a bit steep. WOuld strongly recommend this as a place to visit.查看详情
Eleanor S, 2012-12-17
“Great small Wildlife park - kids loved it.”
Very nice morning out here. All the Aussie animals are here and the kids LOVED feeding the kangaroos. Entry fee was good value. Just a hint - the tours a great and the tour guides very enthusiastic and passionate but the tour spent a LONG time at each exhibit so younger kids lost interest very fast and we had to leave the tour so they didn't disturb the other people listening. We don't really need to hear about Wombats for 20 mins. Although we appreciated the expertise and passion of the staff p查看详情
kwhi6106, 2012-12-17
“Great place. Downside is the small size of the place.”
Liked everything. Hand feeding the Roos, seeing the tassie devils, up close and personal with the koala, and amazingly knowledgable and passionate staff. But it was such a small wildlife sanctuary and that was disappointing.查看详情
Meg, 2012-12-12
“Nice afternoon for the kids”
Nice afternoon for the kids but cant recommend for adults unless youre visiting from overseas and have never seen Aussie wildlife up close. Great place to see Tasmanian devils查看详情
Karlosbb, 2012-12-12
“Highlight of my Trip!”
I went on a evening feeding tour and had a blast. I was able to go on a one on one tour with my guide where I feed, touched, and got pictures with many of the animals. The staff is friendly, passionate about what they do, and make an effort not just to show you the animals in their care, but to teach you about them. This place is great during the day or night, and if you're in Tasmania you need to stop by here.
A special shout out to my guide Tony, and Greg the Director. Both went above and查看详情
Laura G, 2012-12-12
在这里可以像个孩子一样玩得非常愉快。受伤的动物得到了很好的照顾,在这里能和动物尽情地玩耍……这里最棒的是袋鼠,有好几只;袋鼠非常愿意游客喂食(入口处会分发一些粗粮),而且会温柔地舔游客的掌心。这里的动物还会互相争食,相互咆哮。我们在一个冬日下午去的(下午3点),剩下的时间一直在那里玩(5点关门)。这里非常适合游玩,环境清静;而且那时只有另外六名游客。给袋鼠喂食的时间是下午四点。 查看详情
elusivechic, 2012-06-13
千万不要错过这个很棒的野生动物园,我们是接近黄昏的时候过来的,非常棒的体验。此外,这个动物园还算是一些受伤的动物寻求栖息的场所。在澳大利亚我从来没有体验过与野生动物如此亲密的接触。 查看详情
travelduesouth, 2012-06-13
导游简直是太棒了!他相当的博学,爱动物,把动物当成朋友,而这些卡拉和袋鼠被其他人认为是恶魔。小孩子肯定会喜欢这个地方的。很容易就会有100只以上的袋鼠在那儿让你喂食。一定要去的! 查看详情
MichelleYHLiew, 2012-06-11
孩子们玩的很开心。即使你想尝试,也不能距离野生动物太近。动物们开起来都很开心的样子,他们都干干净净的。员工给我们讲了很多故事,可以看出来大家都很在乎这些动物。 查看详情
Mum N, 2012-06-06
波诺朗野生动物园就位于霍巴特外边,开车很容易就到了,在这儿游客们可以跟一些塔斯马尼亚最著名的住院医生还有一些树袋熊靠的很亲密呢。 波诺朗是受伤动物的避难所,在这里友好博学的员工会救治一些意外成为孤儿的幼崽以及那些在火灾中手上的动物等等。第一次进入波诺朗不像是到动物园或者是其他地方呢——首先,袋鼠和袋鼠群可以随意闲逛呢,游客可以自由的走过去喂喂他们哦。那些可爱的员工带游客游览的时候会把你介绍给他们可爱的袋熊,兴许在这一刻最重要的是介绍给那些摆脱了那可怕的袋獾面部肿瘤病的袋獾呢,这病目前正在毁坏这种稀有而美好的动物呢。 在波诺朗还有很多其他动物可以亲密接触的,包括一小群从维多利亚移民过来的考拉,还有一只非常欢乐的风头鹦鹉呢。 波诺朗是个参观的好地方哦,一旦你见过了那里的动物以后,你就会掏钱包来捐助这些做着了不起工作的伟大事业咯——这比那区区的门票钱要多的多啦。 简言之,波诺朗是我去过世界上所有地方中最好的野生动物园啦,错过这里的话就太傻啦。 查看详情
teatime_12, 2012-06-03

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
593 Briggs Road | Brighton, Hobart, Tasmania7030, Australia

电话:03 6268 1184



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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.