“Allow a whole day”
We got there early and had a great coffee and french pastry in the bar. We had pre-booked our $20 tickets so did not have to queue. There is many many displays in the museum some which you will love, be amazed, and some you might not like but that is art. The cafe inside makes delicious and generous sized wraps and rolls and this is where we stopped for lunch as we were only two thirds of the way through. The ipad tour guides had good written explanations but audio was a tad dull so just didnt p查看详情
CathG73, 2013-01-04
“Interesting art in a maze of a place”
Not being an arty type myself, I was pleasantly surprised with what we saw - I felt that I needed a few days in the museum to take everything in and appreciate it properly, but we unfortunately didn't have this time. The iPods with info about the artworks are great. The place at times was confusing to navigate. Not like the other art galleries I've visited within my lifetime!查看详情
Ezza31784, 2013-01-04
“Must see!”
Well worth a visit if you are in Hobart. Interesting pieces of art, but do make sure you book both the ferry and museum tickets in advance unless you wish to wait in line for a loooong time.查看详情
PiaStephanie, 2013-01-03
“Just amazing”
This has to be the best art museum we have ever been to. It is a must do when in Hobart. We took the 9.30am coach to MONA, so got there before the ferry so missed the big long queue and then took the ferry back in the afternoon.查看详情
Fixy27, 2013-01-03
“Tasmania leads the Way (as usual)”
Totally different experience, deep down in the sandstone wandering through what felt like miles of really in your face art, that would probably never see the light in other public venues. Blew my mind, and I got so engrossed I ran out of time. Now we must go back, for at least another day. Great idea to designate areas that might not be suitable for younger people.查看详情
Heather and Ray H, 2013-01-03
This is a must do when visiting Hobart, will be visiting again on our next trip as there is so much to see & absorb.查看详情
Jenbo200, 2013-01-02
“Loved it!”
A must for modern art admirers. Awesome staff, beautiful surroundings, brilliant exhibitions. Really dim lighting so if you have trouble in the dark you may need assistance. Loved it, loved it, loved it.查看详情
Kanooksta, 2013-01-02
“The best art gallery I've been to. Hands down.”
This has to be the most interesting collection of art and artifacts I've ever seen. We were there for 8 hours in total and would have loved to come back the next day to look more. I cannot recommend MONA more.查看详情
ludicrousgib, 2013-01-02
“Buy a prepaid ticket.”
The line is ridiculous, and they are preferential to people with prepaid tickets. Everyone else has to wait until there is no one in the prepaid line before they let even 2 people in at a time!查看详情
soss184, 2013-01-02
“A Must See Gallery”
After seeing the Louvre earlier this year, I must say I found the MONA gallery a very refreshing and welcoming gallery of an amazing span of art. It is a gallery that is fun. The iPods that guide you through the gallery provide a range of commentaries from the professional critic to the "gonzo" reviews from the Gallery's sponsor. It is a truly fun experience where you are encouraged to form your own views of art from the works of Pablo Picasso to a room filled with great recordings. Everything f查看详情
Careful_One, 2013-01-02
博物馆超棒,真是让人思考,会时不时被打扰。很棒很有趣!我要推荐这里的烈酒和红酒品尝!如果买一瓶红酒或烈酒,那会提供免费航空托运。相信我,真的很棒!我要推荐烈酒吧的Chacuterie拼盘。我真的很享受这次行程,希望你也有机会享受喔。 查看详情
carmacharmeleon, 2012-06-14
很棒的体验。最好要保持开放的心态,充分利用游览来确定自己的期望。我喜欢这个地方,享受艺术带来的美,就在这美妙的创意空间尽情呼吸吧。 查看详情
Marta L, 2012-06-13
Mona可不适合心脏脆弱的人!这个建筑物会让你屏住呼吸,(除了那稍微有点奇怪的前厅,那种“小木屋”构造,以及诡异的镜面屏幕),感觉就像是建造在一个法老身体的入口!有非常戏剧化的砂岩墙壁,很多黑暗空间,里面展示了聚光灯照射的展品。最保守的说法,展览也是不同寻常的——更显某人的奇异收藏,但那些物品都非常具有启发性,在某些方面和创意上很震撼人心,总之让人浮想联翩。 奇妙的是,建造这个博物馆的家伙居然是个人——我觉得,应该有的有品位又慷慨的大富豪向他这样,回馈社会。 这是霍伯特自打黑事件以来最盛大的一件事吧~ 至于带孩子们去,我可能得好好想想——难保他们幼小的心灵受到太大刺激!! 查看详情
gra1Sydney, 2012-06-13
当你在霍巴特的时候,你一定不能错过。他们真的做得非常出色,把有趣的博物馆都整合在一起了。 这里有非常老的东西-但是却用一种很现代很独特的方式来展示-你一点都不觉得你是在博物馆里。 其次,还有一些新的东西-但是你会觉得你更像是在一个博物馆里,而不是在一个画廊里。 很不错-再加上隔壁的Moo Brew的味道很不错的白酒和啤酒,真的是这趟旅程最棒的地方了。 查看详情
AustraliaPaz, 2012-06-08
首先本页的标签错误,MONA不是历史博物馆,而应该归入艺术收藏类的博物馆,这点从MONA的全称就可以看出:Museum of Old and New Arts。 David Welsh投资重新兴建了这座博物馆,并与2011年1月21号面向大众开放,并且门票免费。从Hobart市中心去到MONA有三种方法:开车,骑自行车,搭乘游艇。进入到MONA会被她极具现代感的色彩布置所吸引,并且在入口处每人所拿到的Itouch也在告诉大家艺术和科技的结合可以多么密切。 在MONA的游览中这部touch可以提供定位,索引,介绍等多种服务。 我看了上面酷讯从google上面copy下来的评价,所有人都在说保持一份开放的心态看待MONA的收藏品。因为MONA的主题是:Sex and Death。这里不牵扯雅俗共赏的问题,的是在看浏览者接受事物和随之思考的能力。我看到不少不解不明白让我觉得很无语的作品,但是老婆却看的津津有味,让我感慨从商和做艺术的差别。 此外MONA的展品中不全是围绕主题进行的,有很多创意设计让人眼前一亮。 如果到Tassie来玩儿,MONA是一个值得让你... 查看详情
啃了一口的苹果, 2011-06-15

655 Main Road | Moorilla Estate, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

电话:61-3 6277-9900



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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.