“Warmed Over Mexican Food”
Ate at Salsa Kitchen and got a combination platter that clearly looked warmed over from several hours before. It did not look freshly cooked at all, and sure enough, within a short time of leaving the restaurant, I got an upset stomach and diarrhea. Moreover, for Chiang Mai, the bill was not cheap---500 baht for two people without alcohol drinks. Oh, and a couple large roaches darted across the floor while we were there. I've had much better Mexican during my time living in Chiang Mai, to say th查看详情
ShanghaiUSA, 2012-12-08
“Good Mexican Food in Thailand is Hard to Find”
I have tried as many Mexican restaurants as I can when traveling, they are the most difficult to find and are limited in quantity in Thailand. I do not think I will find any one close to the Thousands of Tex-Mex or Mexican in Mexico. I will try to find the closest possible, and hoped to be pleasantly surprised. How does The Salsa Kitchen stack up? It was not crowded on the lunch visit, during the week in Chiang Mai. Atmosphere was pleasant and decorated in a Mexico Theme. I thought the Sangria w查看详情
Kenneth J, 2012-12-04
“Good service, good food...”
This is not the first time I have eaten here but every time it has been good. Some would say that the service is slow, however, as everything is cooked fresh to order, I would say that it is as it should be. The menu is not extensive, sticking to the favourites that you would expect to find in a Mexican restaurant, but the quality and flavours are very good. I have always found the staff to be friendly and welcoming without exception providing you don't expect to be fawned over like you do in so查看详情
gaza1810, 2012-11-28
“Great food, crap service”
We dined here twice whilst in CM. The service was dire, our food was thrown at us without a smile HOWEVER it was very tasty. I had chicken Fajitas - you get a large portion! Thought we'd go again to see if the waitress was just having an off day. Nope, all the staff are rude and unfriendly! Shame, because the food is great.查看详情
Caroline W, 2012-11-08
“Great food, big dishes and fairly priced!”
I loved this restaurant, went there on a quiet night and the food was so good, fast service and fairly priced, would be a great place to go with friends and have a margarita or 10!查看详情
Gunnlaugur, 2012-11-01
“Authentic Mexican Food in Thailand? Who Knew?”
Well, maybe not totally authentic, but they make their own tortillas and the food is fresh and delcious. My favorite is the tortilla chicken salad, but there are other excellent Mexican specialties, and they sometimes serve Caribbean specials, too.查看详情
garthastro, 2012-09-05
“Real Mexican food in Chiang Mai + Gluten free”
I'm always suspicions of ethnic non Thai food in Thailand its always reletivly expensive and often bears little resemlance to the real thing I assume the very expensive options may be good but I haven't tried those. Never the less we were tierd of working hard to find Gluten free options for our dagther who has celiac and found this listed as having gluten free options so decided too give it a try. It was a pleasant surprise. The menu was pure mexican food which I allways interpet as a good sign查看详情
JoeyEd, 2012-07-17
“It's okay...”
One of the VERY few Mexican restaurants in Chiang Mai. It's not bad, but I think for the price, the flavors aren't exactly worth it. I only go when the others are close...查看详情
GraceWonders, 2012-07-14
“Best Mexican food in Chiang Mai”
I used to think Mexican food in Chiang Mai was a lost cause but this place set me right. The food was excellent. I was bit surprised when they told me they didn't have any tabasco but instead they brought out a pot of home-made chillies, which were wonderful. The only downside was there was a large group of kindergarten-age kids running riot, but hopefully they're not there every day :|查看详情
Mike F, 2012-07-08
“my favorit Maxican restaurant.”
the food was fantastic nice restaurant and not expensive in CM i like this maxican food morre than another maxican food Salsa kitchen is the best maxican food in CM.查看详情
chiangmaifood, 2012-06-05
“steep drop in quality”
The food at the Salsa Kitchen used to be fresh and good enough so that you would overlook the cluelessness of the staff. The service has stayed the same at least. But the food is no longer fresh. The chips were stale and the enchiladas did not seem to have fresh chicken. The drop off in quality has been noticeable for awhile. I don't know why. The staff couldn't offer an explanation even if they knew. No more chances for this restaurant.查看详情
borodino, 2012-04-22
“Huge portions and excellent food”
We were convinced that Miguel's was the best Mexican restaurant in Chiang Mai, but after we went to Salsa Kitchen, I might have to take that back. Salsa Kitchen offers similar combo platters (choose three out of four: burrito, quesadilla, chimichanga, taco) for 169 Baht (at Miguel's you pay 160 Baht for a combo with 2 items). The platter comes with a huge side salad and rice (which could be more) and three different salsas (Gallo Pinto, Salsa Picante & Sour Cream). We also tried the Black Bean &查看详情
Globetrottergirls, 2012-03-21
“Good Mexican food when in Thailand”
We've been to this this restaurant many times over a few years and always enjoy it. I live in Thailand now but am from California so I miss Mexican food. Let's be clear here, If you want to compare this restaurant to authentic Mexican or Tex Mex you may not be impressed, but its pretty darn good. Considering it's in Thailand, makes it a whole lot better. The difference is primarily in their sauces which tend to lack the tangy tartness of the real Mc Coy, and they are skimpy with the cheese, but 查看详情
falangsabai, 2012-03-06
“Basic surroundings - Great Food”
We found the Salsa Kitchen whilst we were out walking, checked out the menu and decided to give it a go. We were not disappointed. We secured one of only two tables left inside the restaurant, which itself is reassuring. Service was laid back / relaxed with no waiter standing over you as can happen in Thailand. We ordered starters and mains even though the waitress warned us that the portions were large - and they were. They advocate all ingredients being fresh and it certainly tasted that way; 查看详情
PamAndJock, 2012-02-29
“pretty good food”
for veggies lovers chimichanga is very nice! flautas with beef also good, but don't recommend with chicken - tastes like semi-finished. unfortunately, yogurt is not home made. they put a kind of mayonnaise sause to some salads: be aware if u don't eat it because there is no info in menu.查看详情
telaja, 2012-02-25

Salsa Kitchen
26/4 Huai Kaew Road | near Kad Suan Kaew shopping mall, Chiang Mai, Thailand




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