“Secluded and far but a different temple experience”
This temple was far (if you are biking) but it is a different experience from the other temples because it is off the main road. I enjoyed seeing the tunnels and the seclusion of being in a forest. Great place to meditate and walk the grounds.查看详情
lianelau, 2012-12-11
“Glad we visited this spiritual site, but the grounds needs a bit of TLC!”
Wat Umong located near the University.....As already noted on other reviews, this is quite a unique Wat...so ancient and unusual in the hidden tunnels. Was very peaceful as not many tourists seem to visit this site, therefore it felt like a spiritual experience. I would only suggest that a bit of time be spent here (maybe by the student Monks) tidying up the grounds. It wouldn't take much effort to make a big difference to the appearance of the grounds at Wat Umong. Worth the visit.查看详情
4evaLuv-Holidays, 2012-11-18
“An Oasis of Serenity”
What a pleasure it was to be able to stroll through a temple without tripping over a million tourists. Wat Umong feels like an undiscovered treasure. We went with our own driver and guide. He was wonderful. He shared the stories of the temple and how it came to be as we walked through the cave tunnels and grounds. There are over 700 temples in Chiang Mai. Wat Umong is unique because of its seclusion and the fact that it is built within caves. On certain days of the week you can meet and chat wit查看详情
Prairiekitty, 2012-11-09
“Ancient Temple”
Wat Umong is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Chaing Mai - very unusual and lovely garden setting查看详情
K2K11, 2012-10-24
This temple/monastery complex is quite large. Its most unique attraction is that it has retained the small chapels that seem to have been used since the time it was a cave temple. That is something I have never seen before in Thailand. The grounds also contain a huge pagoda and a small lake. I went in the late afternoon, and it was the perfect place to spend those quiet hours before dusk. Highly recommended for people with an interest in Buddhism or old temple architecture.查看详情
eaglehaslanded, 2012-10-19
“Old and still original”
The wat is in the city, and not too far from the airport. Its a 13th century structure build by King Manglai. The Buddha temple is built in cave style and one can see the original architecture and bricks still in place. Its not been built upon or renovated, so one can experience the original architecture style and get a feel of the 13th century buddhism in Thailand. At the entrance, there is a 30-40 feet high Ashoka Pillar, which is a replica of the Indian Ashoka pillar designs. Its fascinating 查看详情
AmbyS, 2012-08-12
“A nice hidden gem”
Chiang Mai has no shortage of temples to see so it can be very difficult to decide which ones to go to if you only want to see a few. Wat Umong is about 10-15 minutes outside the old city wall up by the Chiang Mai University area and is one that is worth putting on your list. Wat Umong is an active temple and sometimes you will see monk induction ceremonies there - which means there will be a lot of Thai families there watching their sons or relatives going through the ceremony. Watching the cer查看详情
TaLRoberts, 2012-07-08
“Worst Place in Chiangmai. No. Actually, not.”
Another Fatt M objective good/ bad review. I don't really want to recommend this place because I don't want there to be people crawling all over it getting in the way of the absolutely wonderful peacefulness and tranquility there. The Good: When you go (but I'd rather you didn't), you'll likely be the only person/ people there. I can't emphasise enough how nice is it to go to a temple where there aren't 5,000 people milling around jabbering/ yelling at each other. The tunnels. The really, really查看详情
FattM, 2012-06-14
“Best place in chiang mai”
Wander around. Feed the scary fish for 10 baht. Explore the tunnels. Feed carrots to the deer. Talk to the monks. Meditate. Slow down and relax. A beautiful place查看详情
John R, 2012-06-04
“unique temple, the kids love it!”
Wat Umong is built in the foothills of Suthep mountain. It takes around 20-minute drive from Suthep mountain. The most unique feature of the temple are the tunnels which give the wat its name (umong is the Thai word for "tunnel"). It is the first time I've seen a temple built in the tunnels, very interesting. The tunnels are connected so the kids tried every exit, great fun for them. We also took some time walk around. There is a pool nearby. People are playing cards, feeding chickens, or just t查看详情
小牛果子, 2012-04-20
“Peaceful place for someone who is interested in Buddhism”
Foreigners are welcome to learn more about Buddhism. It's also a place that you can just take a walk, sightseeing and have some peace.查看详情
IdOntCareZ, 2012-04-07
“Great history tour”
Nice murals and great atmosphere love the fish pond and the cave like quarters查看详情
rebelplatoon, 2012-04-04
“lovely to visit”
I 'm glad i visited this Wat , I love the tunnel , i was lucky to had time sitting infront of the buddha status inside the tunnel for 20 minutes to pay respect before i heard the step of other visitor coming . I catched the mini bus from old city at Wat Chiang mai the driver asked for 80 baht he said it very far away . i dont know if it over price because it my first time in Chiangmai . After about 2 hours at the Wat i walked back to the main road as there was no other tuk tuk or mini bus avaiab查看详情
gumtree_12, 2012-03-31
“Peaceful and serene”
This is my favourite wat in all Chiang Mai! There are other more famous or prestigous wats in tow, but there's just something about this place that's magical. Maybe it's the forest setting but it's just so peaceful and serene, I love it! They have sessions every week where one of the monks explain Buddhism, in English, which sounds cool.查看详情
julieanne_johnson, 2012-03-23
与清迈老城中的寺庙不同,这个位于清迈老城外郊区的寺庙像是被时光遗忘的地方,老旧,清幽,到处是树、残破的佛像,以及很多很多的箴言挂牌。岁月在这个寺庙留下了斑驳的痕迹,一如树影下的日光,陈旧暧昧。如果你想找一处清幽的地方自省,来这里最好不过。 查看详情
deborahwei, 2011-03-14

Wat Umong
Suthep Rd., Chiang Mai, Thailand


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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.