“There are more exciting things to do”
The zoo in Chiang Mai is located very nicely at a hill. In the zoo you have a nice view at the city. Some of the animals have spacious habitats, but some other very small ones. We saw fishes in an habitat so small that they were not able to swim or even turn around. The location at the hill is nice, but if you decide not to take the zoo public transport (which you have to buy tickets for) it is quite a heavy and long walk around the zoo. There are not amazingly much habitats and the space betwee查看详情
GuidoNoorlander, 2012-12-13
“Zoo is very large and far”
If you are looking to do something other than see temples, this is an ok alternative. The zoo is vast, not easily walkable and it's a bit far from the city. There is an aquarium and panda building located inside the zoo, but both are extra admission fees. They have a fairly extensive bird park, and there are two elephants located in the zoo, but the elephants felt more like a tourist attraction then well kept animals. I am not sure I would recommend this site for an off day, due to the price and查看详情
lianelau, 2012-12-11
“Good place to spend a day off, but I also have somethings else to say as well”
Alright, I've been to Chiang Mai Zoo many times before but I didn't feel like I wanted to review it until now. There are many things and feelings to say about this zoo. From the entrance of the zoo to the bus station there are good decorations but it might be difficult for disability people as the zoo situated on mountains, it's quite a slope. The ticket includes both bus and monorail and I suggest you to take both rides but the drivers who guide you all through each area are not speaking lots o查看详情
Chokchai, 2012-12-05
“Be prepared to hike”
Most excited to see Gibbon Island at the Chiang Mai Zoo and four different species of gibbons didn't disappoint. At first the thinking was just a nice walk to the gibbon area, yet the significant elevation changes combined with the high heat and humidity meant that the people mover bus was the best way to move around the zoo. But skip the monorail as it would be impossible to find a slower way around the zoo (only benefit was the air conditioning).查看详情
Bryan Y, 2012-11-24
“A zoo to visit”
We went to the zoo to see especially those animals you don't or hardly see in German/European zoos: Panda, Koala, Hyrax, Cacadoo, Emu, Kasuar, white Tigers... It was fantastic to walk through the huge bird cage area and see the feeding of the fish in the aquarium. The possibility to feed some of the animals was a great experience, most of all the Leopard! Good is that you are not paying for all at once but can save the money if you don't want to see the aquarium for example. Negative was, that s查看详情
Burberius, 2012-11-24
“Good value, and nice way to escape own for half a day”
We visited the zoo in mid November 2012. Found the Panda exhibit v informative and well done. All the usual suspects but in nice park grounds which make for a very pleasant walk. A very good and entertaining half day plus excursion.查看详情
alexd72, 2012-11-23
“Great time !”
I have been to several zoo in the world, and the one in Chiang Mai in far away the best one I have ever been. It is big and well organized for the travellers not to miss any of the animals. The animals seem to be happy there and the zoo is nice. I was glad to see the famous Panda even if one of them was sleeping. Feeding the pingins was a cute experience as well. One negative point: the snow dome does not worth it.查看详情
Alexandre K, 2012-11-21
“Well worth a visit.”
We took 5 hours to get around, paid for entrance, bus and entry to Polar bears, food to feed the animals, including Tuk Tuk there and back all less than 1000baht. (£20) for two. I don't enjoy zoo's normally but here most the animals have excellent places to live. They are building and improving others too. Cheap good interactive day out.查看详情
ChrisGough30, 2012-11-19
“Great Aquarium and Zoo”
Went round the zoo in about 5hours including visiting the aquarium. The zoo was huge and I was glad we purchased the hop on, hop off bus ticket. The aquarium is brilliant, especially because of the underwater tunnel, It's worth a visit. Please be aware it's extra to visit the aquarium and if you want to see the panda and the penguins, these too was at an extra cost. The tram was okay, very slow and you couldn't see a lot. The bus is the best way to travel round the park.查看详情
JackCarlie, 2012-11-13
“Pandas are the draw factors, we think the 100 baht per person per entry was value for money.”
The zoo is hilly so absolutely necessary to take the trolley bus and monorail especially on a hot day, 70 baht was worth it. The three pandas are the anchor of the zoo. Although every attraction or amenity requires additional entrance fees, some like the pandas were well worth it. One of the pandas was born in the zoo too. Great easy family outing attraction.查看详情
hoegarden, 2012-11-12
清迈动物园保护得非常好,动物们都有足够的空间玩耍、休憩,它们看上去都很精力充沛,熊猫特别可爱,绝对值得一看。你还可以选择搭乘里面的小巴士,因为动物园很大。 查看详情
Mariano_Slutzky, 2012-06-14
价格很合理,动物园很好玩。进入动物园会很惊喜。动物园员工工作很棒,有世界级的动物,包括3只中国大熊猫。 查看详情
JStaley, 2012-06-10
我们从位于素贴山上的帕刑寺出来之后,很偶然地进了动物园。我们有车,但是进去之后选择了停下,然后步行前进,因为我觉得这更有利于欣赏风景。那片地区很大,山坡很陡峭,需要不停地爬上爬下,而且要不是当地人给了我们一份地图,我们肯定很容易就迷路了。但虽然有地图,但还是很难找到路。我是想看一下当地的森林、泉水等自然环境,同时还想看一下动物。我曾经去过一些很糟糕的动物园,但这里除了部分围场比较小之外,其他都很好,比如犀鸟笼,绝大部分动物活动空间都很大,看起来它们也被照顾得很好。有的物种很稀有,很难在动物园见到,很有趣,所以总的来说,这里值得一去。门票价格适宜,但水族馆的门票很贵,那里有些大鱼让人印象深刻,但其他没什么特别的。我们从水族馆出来的时候,动物园已经关门了,另外参观大熊猫的价格也很贵,因为时间晚了我们没有看就出来了,我们是最后离开的游客。 这里值得参观,但需要提前安排好时间,最好安排3个小时以上。有很多吃东西的地方,在围墙周围悠闲地散布感觉很惬意,尤其适合孩子们,因为有的动物可以靠得很近。 查看详情
Tony B, 2012-06-04
我们五月份去清迈,在动物园待了半天,航空公司为我们免费提供门票。在到到网上看了几条评论之后,我期望并不高,但结果令我很惊喜。动物园很干净整洁。我们坐了随到随上的电车。熊猫非常可爱,两只熊猫在打瞌睡,第三只三岁的熊猫非常活跃,四处爬。熊猫的小屋非常小,而且看着小熊猫在扒熊猫妈妈的房门,感觉真心酸。我们还看了白色的老虎,并听见一只老虎吼叫。我们非常喜欢看老虎,不过我们没有去极地馆和水族馆。这里还有座冒险乐园,不过我们也没去(天气非常热)。我们还去了老虎馆对面的鸟馆,还有几只大鸟从游客头上飞过。我们还看见水塘里的仙鹤在捕捉水里的鱼。总之,我们在这座动物园度过了愉快的一天。 查看详情
arch_c, 2012-05-30
清迈动物园还可以,但如果你是美国或欧洲来的,就别浪费时间进去了。家乡的动物园要比这里的好多了。这家动物园地处山里,如果你想逛完,体力一定得好。山很陡,天气很热。可以坐电车,但会错过很多风景。有一点很令人伤心,就是看着驯鹿这样的寒带动物们在这里忍受100华氏摄氏度以上的高温。 查看详情
russmarko, 2012-05-17

Chiang Mai Zoo
100 Huay Kaew Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand



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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.