Its good experience and phototaking for memory. actually nothing so exciting. see them at their hut. and buy souvenirs.查看详情
DrFlo77, 2012-11-25
“worth a visit”
The villages were a great eye opener to how these hill tribes live, they were all happy and content and the children were adorable running up to meet us,.查看详情
judyYorkshire, 2012-11-21
“of course a fake one”
it would be wonderful to see a real village but usually these places are full of people trying to sell things, children begging tourists and nothing more. I suggest to visit these places not with an organzed tour but trying to find some authentic one查看详情
Mario P, 2012-11-17
“Skip this one”
The Hill Tribe is located about 20 minutes from Chiang Mai (just past Tiger Kingdom). My suggestion is to skip this one. It is not an authentic village. The people living there are refugees from neighboring countries. This is not their original home. Yes. It is interesting to see the long necked women with the golden coils around their neck ; but it is really just a market that you pay for the honour to shop in. This was the most expensive entry of every place we visited (500 baht each) and we w查看详情
Prairiekitty, 2012-11-09
“The real deal, kinda”
Visiting the Hilltribe Villages is a bit contrived, indeed, but it does give you the best opportunity you'll have to see what the hilltribe people wear and look like. They are the real deal, just living here for a certain time period before being replaced by others. You can buy great gifts here all made by the hill tribe people; we bought textiles and trinkets, which we treasure.查看详情
M J B, 2012-09-17
“Seemed so unreal...”
We visited the Karen Long Neck village. The village seemed so unreal where the girls had heavy golden chains around their neck, posing for pictures at their huts, with their wares for sale. There were also little children running about asking for 20 Bhat from us and other tourists. And when we boarded our van, one of our group member finally gave one little girl 20 Bhat and before we knew it, several other kids were surrounding him! And the kids were most displeased and showed us angry faces whe查看详情
LL721, 2012-08-20
“Interesting but not really authentic”
The padaung people can't really be authentic, as they're unable to live life normally in Thailand. I found that, though interesting to see these interesting woman who still practice their tradition, it was more like "come gawk at these people, and buy their stuff to say than you for the photo." of course, I bought a few nick knacks, and took a few photos. I do hope they may return to their traditional way of life in Burma, soon... For the sake of their dignity, their happiness and their continue查看详情
meghangw, 2012-08-11
“Great experience....but bit too commercial....”
I went to the one near the Mae sae Elephant camp and the fee was included in my trip...I did visit the Karen Long Neck Hilltribe and Akha Tribe Villages and saw some Lahu women there too....ome of the villagers/stall holders were too pushy trying to sell their staff but I did buy some to cheer her up and she was very cheeky saying I had money buy more,she had 3 kids and no food...???? Well we all got kids but this is not the way but never mind....I was enjoying taking some amazing photos of the 查看详情
ATASERT, 2012-06-12
“Hilltribe Walk: Don't get ripped off by Intrepid Australia”
The Hilltribe walk was a great experience even though the visit to to the 'Hilltribe Village' was overly commercial and tacky. Even some of the villagers along the way were a bit too pushy in trying to sell their jewellery but they didn't hang around long once the shooping was over. My daughter and I did the three day walk which was just challenging enough carrying a backpack and life jacket for the rafting (which they supplied). Some of the paths through the jungle were really steep so I sugges查看详情
AussieBrandy, 2012-05-21
“Lack directional signs”
Need to display more directional signs for tourists to get around.查看详情
AlphaChiangMai, 2012-04-10
“Very commercialised”
We went to the one near the Mae Sa Elephant camp. You go on a ride on the elephants to this tribe. Nothing and no one there to explain what goes on in this village.You pay extra (not sure if its for the elephant ride or entrance fees to the village) to go to this village, and I felt we were entitled to some guide or even signs telling us a bit of history regarding this place. For us it was just a quick walk through. The footpath is lined with stalls selling items. Saw some lovely wooden carvings查看详情
danutaperth, 2012-04-06
“Wish we hadn't gone”
People seemed very unhappy including beautiful 10 year old girl who probably would have enjoyed being with other 10 year old girls...in school, perhaps! I'm sure I'd be quite unhappy posing for tourist cameras all day without the ability to communicate. Karen people seem to pay a high price, in terms of personal happiness for whatever money they receive from tourists. This attraction leaves me with no fond memories!查看详情
Barb W, 2012-03-18
“Over rated....”
I was disappointed with this attraction...All I really saw were mud and straw huts dotted throughout the park trying to offload the same stuff at every single house/hut. Sure the people were in traditional dress but that was about all. There were no clear directions about what hut or area belonged to which tribe people and little to no information about the different tribes. The most interesting were actually seeing the Karen peoples and being able to pick up the neck rings to feel how heavy the查看详情
amberd2308, 2012-02-14
“Karen Village”
This is a transplanted group of Hill tribe villages near the Maesa Elephant Camp for tourists who want a quick overview and don't want to travel for hours to the real thing. It cost 500 B entry and you can photograph all you want. Some might feel it's a tourist trap with many vendor booths, but we didn't feel that way. We hoped we were supporting people who have difficult lives. It was quite amazing to see the "Long neck" women, even young girls with the heavy neck rings.查看详情
Karl2020, 2012-02-13
“If you like to see how the other half live”
Then you just simply have to try all the tribe type tours. No matter if it is allowed or not, get yourself into one of the houses and truly feel how they live. They always love to invite you in but the tour co. may say it is forbidden for some odd reason.查看详情
stbangkok, 2012-01-30

Hilltribe Villages
Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand


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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.