“Worth a visit”
Well organised attraction complete with trips by tram through two separate zones to view animals at night. The guides are knowledgeable about the animals. There is a water fountain/lazer show to view between the trip through the two zones. I do not normally like zoos too much as seeing the animals in cages/captivity is not normally a particularly pleasant experience, however, as far as zoos go this one seems to be well set up, the animals cared for, etc. If you are in Chiang Mai and looking for 查看详情
CGMcAleer, 2012-12-14
“Tacky and cruel”
This was a terrible experience. They take you to see tigers in small cages then put you on a tram where you drive past all the poor animals who probably just want to sleep but instead get a big spotlight shone in their eyes and annoying tourist camera flashes. They have four trips per night with several trams and the zoo is also open during the day so i can't imagine the animals are well rested. If you want to feed a zebra or giraffe then you can do it here but it would not be a worthwhile exper查看详情
mccabee, 2012-12-13
“Very interesting zoo with night safari”
This is the first time I get to feed the giraffes, zebras, deers, moose, and goats. I even had the chance to touch the giraffe's tongue and pat the goats! If you love animals and visiting zoos, do not miss this place. Besides the night safari, there is a walking path whereby you can take a walk and see the animals. The English version of the night safari starts at 7.30pm. Go at least 3 hours earlier to walk around the zoo and have dinner in the Giraffe cafe. The cafe serves buffet downstairs and查看详情
LPGoh, 2012-12-10
“Very nice!”
Do go a for the night safari experience. It is fun for everyone. Do not bother to wait for the English speaking tour as the Thai is ok as the important thing is to watch the animal at night. You will enjoy looking at so many species, and really enjoy the Giraffes.查看详情
Romanbiker, 2012-12-04
“very fun/interactive with no effort (walking)”
The highlight for me was feeding the tiger cub and getting photos with it before the tram ride. The tram ride is the main part of it but there are other parts to it. Along the ride the animals seemed quite tame (considering what they are) and the piglets, zebras, giraffes and a lot of other animals interacted with us, wanting to be fed. Even the hippo was ready to have food thrown to him. The ride is split into 2 parts and both commentators (if that's what you call them) were really funny, makin查看详情
jodien777, 2012-11-27
“white tigers”
we went at night with out having tea first which was a big mistake it was great at night but the animals where asleep weren't they the light show was the best and the white tigers l only got to see one baby :( the train rides where very good but would love to do in the day to just to see the loins and tigers better查看详情
dianne1957, 2012-11-27
“Nocturnal Animals Were Sleeping”
My family enjoyed our visit to the night safari, but as we went on the ride through the two ends of the park (between 8:00 and 9:00), many of the nocturnal animals we were hoping to see active were asleep. The safari has two different areas that you ride through on a tram with opportunities to feed some of the animals right out of your hand. There is also a walk-through portion of the safari. I think our favorite part was actually the laser light, water fountain show. There was a pretty good var查看详情
teacherworldtraveler, 2012-11-25
“Good adventure !”
The night safari is a nice place to watch animals and sit in the bus. It is original to see them in their environment. They look happy and well taken care of. I was glad to watch white tigers and feed the giraff. One negative point: the walking zone does not worth it.查看详情
Alexandre K, 2012-11-21
“Night safari may be fun for kids while not so safari...Go to the Zoo”
Chiang Mai Night Safari is fun for family while I expected the animals to be better taken care of and with more nature, less of the 'Disney Land' ambience. Some animals were brought from other habitats and don't adjust well. When choosing between this one and Chiang Mai Zoo, I highly recommend going to the zoo, where the pandas are and it's a more authentic environment, not to mention a lower admission fee.查看详情
IBProfessor, 2012-11-19
“Is totally not worth for money.”
Is wasting time and money to visit the night safari, limited animals you can see in the dark, and the train guide is rude & not allow guests to take photos without flash, is TOTALLY SUCK MAN !查看详情
Jacky E, 2012-11-15
我们去了夜间动物园,因为我们以为这将是一个美丽的地方。然而现实情况并非如此。 我们看到了很多的动物,但是围场实在是太小了!! 那有老虎,有时多达5或6只,挤在一个不足10 x10米的区域表演特技。你能清楚地看到老虎们很痛苦,因为它们围着围场转圈,呲着牙。 同时游客还有可怕的机会同老虎合影——我们看到的图片都显示出一只老虎闭着眼,平躺在地板上——我猜想这是被麻醉的结果。 我们还发现了另一个笼子,在最最狭小的空间里关着同妈妈们分离的幼崽,被吵闹的人们围观着,拍着照。 这真的是很恶心,很痛苦的。这不是动物们应该受到的待遇。 千万不要来这,给这些人你的钱。 查看详情
Jerseyexpl0rer, 2012-06-10
真是太好玩了,住的超爽。虽然晚了一天后我们很累了,但是太爱这个地方了,让我们来了精神。不过票价有点高。晚上8点的镭射灯光秀也很棒,还有这两次观兽游……从来没有近距离接触过这么多动物……甚至在新加坡的观兽游也没这么有趣。 查看详情
TerraHopper, 2012-05-18
我们在景点内预定了房间,奢侈的一晚,这也是在这次旅行中让我印象最深刻的房间,旅行开始的很顺利。我们有自己的来往动物园的的士服务,服务的是位男司机,他会将我们的早餐带到我们的房间,放到我们的床边,所以说这将会是一个相对奢侈的夜晚。但是刚开始很不错的情势在我们踏进野生动物园内便逆转了,我们看到的是几只大的让人印象深刻的白色老虎还有白色狮子,他们都非常的大,但是都被关在了极小的笼子里,我们只能期望它们在晚上的时候能有较宽敞较开阔的地方。 走到动物园里面一点,我们便开始了漫步游园之旅。周围的环境都是经过深思熟虑设计的,很吸引人,也很干净,我们开始游玩整个动物园。里面有很多正在进行的施工建设,希望是要改善动物们的住处,但我觉得这更像是为吸引来自世界各地的付钱的游客们。我们最开始看到的野生动物是鹅还有其他的水生鸟类,但当我们走的更远时,我们发现在湖的边缘的小岛上住着有狐贝属,最扰人的是黑猩猩,就我们所知的只有两只,他们住在和狐贝属一样小的“岛”上。他们看上去很沮丧,无聊,对生活完全没了兴趣的样子。 这还仅仅是游园的开始,我们就看到了老虎,豹子,美洲豹,还有很多更小的野猫,它们都被关在很小的看上去就查看详情
MusicTravelsUK, 2012-05-11
我们到达的时候天还亮着,于是我们绕着湖边散步,那里你可以看到很多笼子,里面有各种各样的动物,像是动物园一样。天黑后,你可以坐上有轨电车,穿过这片区域看动物。长颈鹿正好能把头伸进车厢里。之后会有一个怪异的舞蹈表演,不过我们更喜欢喷泉灯光表演。 查看详情
nyc10019, 2012-05-09
能近距离接触斑马,袋鼠,长颈鹿等等真是太有趣了。那有2班不同路线的电车,如果你想拍照的话,尽量坐前面吧,在灯光微弱的环境中,射灯能增加点光亮呢。 动物的生活喜欢看起来不错,看上去都很健康。这次出行真是非常愉快! 查看详情
Tntraveler207, 2012-05-01

Chiang Mai Night Safari
Ratchaphruek Road | Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand

电话:+66 (53) 999050


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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.