“Another old Wat”
While dear to the locals, I found my visit here (yawn) okay. A quick walk around, read a few plaques, a nod of the head, enough. Just not where my interests are found.查看详情
kentpelton, 2012-08-29
“Wat Chet Yot, the Temple for all with the star sign SNAKE”
Wat Chet Yot (Wat Photharam Maha Wihan), is the Temple for all with the chinese star sign SNAKE.! The temple is also for other people very interesting and just beautiful. With a scooter it is only about 20 minutes from the old city chiang mai. At the last intersection before the university you must turn right on the Highway Chiang Mai - Lampang (Highway 11) and then just drive 1 km straight. Check it out it's worth !!!查看详情
tobysexperiences, 2012-05-02
“Molto antico, in pietra in un bel giardino”
Questo templio antico in città vale anche lui la pena di essere visitato, ... la visita non dura tanto perchè è appunto in città ed anche se si trova inserito in un bel parco verde e ci sono vari templi e templietti, il giro è piacevole ed anche se fatto lentamente non richiede tantissimo tempo. Come in tutti i templi thai c'è grande atmosfera e fascino: atmosfera perchè ci sono molte statue di Bhudda cosparse ed onorate da fiori, frutti in cesti dorati, candele ed incensi profumati ovunque. Fas查看详情
enrico c, 2012-04-05
“Nice place”
I never get tired of temples. This one is another little gem. Go visit the place and check it out!查看详情
Stereopudding, 2012-03-12
“One of the Best in Town”
The 'things to do' section of Chiang Mai is an intriguing mix of spas, cookery schools, elephant riding parks and even women's correctional facilities. For those of you more interested in architecture than deep tissue massage or lemongrass, Wat Chet Yot is one of the must-sees of the north of Thailand. A 15th century replica of the famous Bodagaya site in India, it features some weathered spires and atmospherically peeling stucco work. I hope the Thai Arts Department doesn't turn up one day and 查看详情
Raymond W, 2012-02-13
“Historical & Holy Place For Thai”
Wat Chedi Luang has been built for early age of Chiangmai. So apart from going there to make merit and all holy things, you can go there to see historical building and learn history.查看详情
MungMink, 2012-01-25
七つの塔と言う名前を持つ寺院で、インドのマハーボディ寺院を模して造られた寺院です。 尖塔のまわりを囲む外壁には神々のレリーフがあります。 尖塔以外にも、壊れかけたいろいろな遺跡が残っています。 私が行ったときは他に観光客は誰もいなくて、寺院を独り占めできました。印象的なのがレリーフで他にも廃墟化した遺跡など興味をひくものがあり、結構楽しめました。古代遺跡風寺院がお好きな方にはお勧めです。查看详情
かぁくん, 2011-12-03
アジア大好き 大阪府富田林市, 2011-06-20
“An interesting temple”
I do not understand why this temple does not have more visitors. Being ancient and with nice architecture, a landmark of the Thai year 2000 which was celebrated 543 years ago, this is far more interesting than the concrete heaps around town.查看详情
Hulahoj, 2010-01-22
“il chedi dalla forma particolare”
E' una copia di un importante tempio che si trova in India. Circondato da dei prati ben curati, questo tempio presenta un chedi dalla forma particolare, con sette guglie che rappresentano le sette settimane che Buddha passò in India dopo l'illuminazione. Le mura presentano delle bellissime decorazioni; io l'ho trovato diverso rispetto agli altri templi di Chiang Mai. Purtroppo fu danneggiato pesantemente dalla invasione birmana. Aperto tutti i giorni dalle 8.00 alle 18.00; ingresso gratuito.查看详情
ballerina83, 2008-09-06

Wat Chet Yot (Wat Maha Photharam)
Chiang Mai, Thailand


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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.