“Great place for relaxing and swimming at Chiang Mai area”
Few kilometers from Chiang Mai lies this calm artificial lake made by a dam build on a river. The water is sweat, cool but not cold, not deep, a bed of thin mud makes it nice to walk on. All around you see the forested mountain and green hills. There are parts made to bath, some quiet restaurant on the beach, you can eat or relax on a small hut just above the water. Other parts are more wild-like. Many young people come from Chiang Mai, playing their guitar having fun. Almost no tourists at all.查看详情
urony, 2012-11-03
入場料一人20B 水上のコテッジ使用料一人2時間で10Bかかりますが 水上レストランは日がかんかんに照っていても湖面からの風が涼しく、料理もガイヤン ヤムウンセンなど美味しいものがたくさんあります。おまけに観光地価格とは言え、それほど高くありません。查看详情
hirotok, 2012-10-30
“Little Gem”
Not really on the tourist map - its a place I've been to dozens of time to run (hash) in the foothills that surround the lake. The little cabana bars are very cheap and good basic Thai food can be washed down with an ice cold beer. Relaxed - sundown is the best time to visit and take a friend or few!查看详情
K2K11, 2012-10-24
“Man made lake with great views and walks”
Lovely place to walk or cycle round, but you can drive round it too. Many bamboo open-sided places to picnic or order a meal from nearby restaurants. Great views of Doi Suthep mountain range and tranquil lake to sit by watching local people enjoying life.查看详情
aslimversgwm, 2012-10-16
“Relax et découverte de bons plats !”
20 Bath l'entrée par personne, c est situé à Max. 6 km de Chang mai. On y est allé en scooter. On ne s'attendait pas à voir et à avoir une telle tranquillité! Il n'y avait casi que des Thaïs en ce 19 septembre. Nous sommes arrivés vers 14h00 et répartis vers 18h30. Prenez votre maillot, crème solaire et anti moustique! N'allez pas vous perdre au premier bungalow venu, plus cher que les autres et touristique. Préférez le deuxième lac (un peu plus petit mais très animé.) Goutez les "fried Frog Wit查看详情
aurore_morisse, 2012-09-19
“It's okay...”
I went there around noon-ish. It has a beautiful scenery and I was able to take great shots. But it was a tad bit too hot and the food was WAY overpriced. I would go there again, if I'm invited or if I have to. Going on my own accord, that's another story.查看详情
GraceWonders, 2012-07-14
“very nice area i love it”
it very good for relax and convenient there have a lot of restaurant Cheap and delicious i go there often bcs i like to swiming and eat.查看详情
chiangmaifood, 2012-06-05
“Great chill out place.”
Living in Chiang Mai is great, but sometimes when it gets hot you really need a body of water... This place is one of the nicest places I have found to relax and eat some great (cheapish) Thai food. Very very relaxing, however, watch out for the gang of Thai teenagers who may turn up sporting a guitar and a few bottles of Thai whisky, it can turn from mega chilled to a mega nightmare very quickly. Thai people have an inability to control themselves after a few. Avoid Saturdays and Sundays, publi查看详情
TheStuster, 2012-05-12
“Nice place to chill out in peace among the natural sightseeing”
It's crowded so, everything looks nice and clean :-)查看详情
IdOntCareZ, 2012-04-07
“Great local getaway for a family day out”
I frequently take my two children to the lake on the weekends as it is a great location not far from the city center. The lake itself is man made and has a road all the way around it which is 3.6 KM in length. The things we usually do is play football, frisbee and badminton next to the lake on the grass. The admission fee to the national park/lake is 20 Thai Baht per adult and kids under 5 are free. There are many restaurants around the lake which have great Thai food. There are attractions like查看详情
Isabella G, 2012-03-31
“cool place and chill out :)”
this lake is a col place to hangout with friends and ya family! ;) i really love this place so much! and they have a party every year called SMILE PARTY CHIANG MAI :) and its really COOL! :)查看详情
Anth0ny555, 2012-03-10
“relaxing at the water edge”
Huay Ting Tao is a large lake a few km from the town much visited by the locals. Many eateries with individual bamboo constructions to relax on and spend a quiet day napping and eating in pleasant surrundings. Weekends not quite so peaceful.查看详情
John v, 2012-01-20
“Pleasant enough for a few hours in the fresh air.”
Chiang Mai is not over endowed with open spaces, thus this is popular with Thai families, especially at weekends. It comprises a large lake with a road running all around the perimeter, with a variety of food stalls on the lake side and small "bungalows" on the water itself. Entry is B20 per person. It is possible to swim in the lake, though for me the water looks a little too murky and the edges too muddy to attract. Other than that, there is very little to do here. This is not really a spot fo查看详情
Tanapat, 2011-12-01
“Interessant fuer Einheimische”
Der Huay Tung Tao See liegt im Norden von Chiang Mai. Er ist gesäumt von thailändischen Gaststätten, und bei der lokalen Bevölkerung sehr beliebt als Wochenendausflug. Man sitzt in den Lokalen am Ufer, trinkt und isst. Die Kinder spielen am Ufer , baden und schwimmen im See, und auch Ruderboote kann man mieten. Für Jemanden der in Chiang Mai lebt sicherlich ein schöner Ausflug, um der Hitze und dem Verkehr zu entkommen. Aber touristisch gesehen sicher absolut uninteressant. Fazit: Für Einheimisc查看详情
cnxmike, 2011-06-02

Huay Tung Tao Lake
Chiang Mai, Thailand


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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.