“Great food in a fabulous temple setting”
Great vegetarian food at Wat Suan Dok. Big shady tree overhead makes for a great setting in a very relaxed place. Food is outstanding and at bargain prices. My favorite is the Indian curry and wholewheat roti. Shakes and smoothies (all health drinks) are something special as well. Well worth a visit.查看详情
AdamS1970, 2012-12-10
“good food bad timing”
The food was excellent but they were running out of it so we didn't get everything we have wanted maybe it was just a bad moment stuff didn't speak much English but again what we have got was excellent查看详情
ales32, 2012-12-08
“Beautiful organic food”
Can't recommend this place enough. Great food, much of which is produced at the associated organic farm. Go there!查看详情
Rich W, 2012-12-02
“Amazing vegetarian thai fusion food”
Every single item on the menu i've tried so far was delicious. And absolute value for your money. Healthy, delicious and budget! Can't get any better!查看详情
Mirte-Myrtle, 2012-11-19
“delicious, beautiful ambiance, not over priced.”
ate here 4 times in two weeks. all locations have a great outdoor atmosphere, with daily specials on smoothies and local in season dishes. Colourful, well priced and beautifully presented. A little hard to find but worth the search.查看详情
AmberMeier, 2012-11-18
“Thank goodness for a vegie restaurant”
A vegetarian in Thailand has a hard time trying to say, 'No meat, no fish, no oyster sauce, thank you.' I have it written down in Thai, but still have to be very vigilant. I have eaten at all of Pun Pun's three restaurants, and loved my choices. Excellent service too.查看详情
CeridwynP, 2012-11-16
“Everything is so... FRESH!”
We stayed in Chiang Mai for around 5 days and ate here three times because it was SO. TASTY. Sure, I love meat, but this fresh, organic vegetarian food straight from garden to plate is incredible. They have seasonal foods too, so they use what's locally in season. The best thing I ate there was a roast vegetable sandwich in wholemeal bread with peanut and passion-fruit sauce. It makes my stomach rumble just thinking about it. Mmmmmmm!查看详情
Antroniac, 2012-11-15
“Excellent organic food”
This is a true gem in Chiang Mai. They have 2 locations - Wat Suan Dok & Santitham Rd.(although in November this location is changing its name to Imm Aim. They serve farm to table, organic food of the highest quality. The service is friendly and the restaurant is comfortable but only has outdoor seating so if you are looking for AC, you won't find it here. At the Imm Aim location, you must try the Phuket salad as the owner is from Phuket. Delicious!查看详情
hoppab14, 2012-11-08
“If you're in the area, go for lunch!”
We ate here about six times as we stayed in CM for a month and PunPun was our nearest cafe/restaurant. The food is really fresh and tasty. Some of the meals on the menu aren't always available. The avocado pitta was my favourite and their banana and chocolate smoothie is to die for! It's a little expensive compared to some other places in CM, but worth going if you're in the area.查看详情
Caroline W, 2012-11-08
“A little treasure.”
Originally I saw PunPun on a BBC article 'be good to yourself in Chiang Mai' and was instantly interested. With a bit if free time my boyfriend and I headed to the satitham branch for what was breakfast for us but at lunch time. We found it easily, we walked from our hotel and first followed signs for the YMCA and then the small black signs for PunPun's itself. The menu was full of a variety of fresh ingredients. I especially liked that they had inserted a seasonal menu which detailed dishes usi查看详情
ThaiTravelJade, 2012-10-26
“Really Outstanding Thai Vegetarian in Lovely Atmosphere”
On a recent weekend in Chiang Mai, we had a lovely lunch for two at Pun Pun. Thai vegetarian food is really something special- it is a fully operational parallel to the wide universe of Thai Cuisine that doesn't compromise one iota on flavor, freshness and local sourcing or presentation. It's a lovely location tucked away at the back of Wat Suan Dok. You can sit outside in the shade, enjoy the quiet, and order dish after lovely dish. Even though there were only two of us, we wanted to sample acr查看详情
supakorn, 2012-10-26
I've been to Pun Pun twice since staying in Chaing Mai and the service has been terrible both times. Both times the waitress got our food and drinks wrong and we would end up with something we didn't order. Once or twice is understandable but it seemed like every 10 minutes she'd dump someone else's food on our table and run off. She only had 3 tables to serve the second time we went so I don't know how she managed to get so confused. We even pointed to what we wanted to eliminate any confusion.查看详情
Shell312, 2012-10-22
“Always fresh and delicious!”
This simple little cafe in Santitham is where I love to eat a massive salad for lunch. My favorite, the avocado salad, is very nutritious and filling. I also recommend their banana blossom salad, and for a totally indulgent breakfast the 5-grain black-rice porridge with coconut milk and honey with some fresh fruits on the side. The lime and mint and honey drink is very good indeed.查看详情
Marie B, 2012-10-20
It's just as good as advertised. Best spring rolls I had in Thailand so far, and a delicately spiced entree. It is best to keep in mind that your waitress may not speak English. As an example, my waitress had no idea what bottled water was. So it may be best to keep things uncomplicated and order straight off the menu. You can't really go wrong here. There are so very many things on the menu, and it's rather amazing, as a vegetarian, not to have to worry about what they are. Two big thumbs up.查看详情
eaglehaslanded, 2012-10-20
“Best food in chiang mai....”
I saw a review of is restaurant and had to make the trip there. Even though there are many good vegetarian places in chiang mai I wanted to try this out due to their food ethics. Firstly the temple itself was my favourite wat in chiang mai. Beautiful, quiet and friendly people talking to us including a monk who wAnted to precise English. Punpun was a little difficult to find but totally worth the hassle. The food was amazing! And such a beautiful setting. We tried the mushroom fritters, papaya s查看详情
Amanda N, 2012-10-07

Pun Pun
Suthep Road (inside Wat Suan Dok), Chiang Mai, Thailand



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The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.