“Fantastic cooking school!”
I did the curry paste course at this cooking school and had a fantastic time. Our teacher was funny, thorough, and very detailed in his instruction. We would alternate between cooking demonstrations in the demo room and cooking at our stations at the outdoor cooking area. In addition to our cooking teacher, there were also helpers who would walk around checking on our progress and helping us. This was great because help was always close by no matter how confused you were. The dishes we made were查看详情
Nadia C, 2012-12-12
“One word, AMAZING!!!”
I signed up for a four day/six hour cooking class and i was BLOWN AWAY! I have taken MANY cooking classes around the world, but this school is by far the BEST. They know their stuff. They begin with a market tour, take you back to the school give you an overview of each ingredient used, provide a demonstration of each dish you will make for the day, you taste each dish before you make your dish at your own personal cooking station. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. The price/quanti查看详情
Rachelle B, 2012-12-10
“Great Thai cooking school”
You are being given of basic and mor of the Thai kitchen. Every participant has it own cooking station, every dish is being demonstrated by the chef in an air conditioned room and then all participant making the dish. We made 6 dishes all were great. Started the day with preparing decoration out of vegetables. Great sense of humor by all chefs, great place, lots of food..查看详情
merav250, 2012-12-08
“Great fun”
We learn lots and have already tried 2 of the dishes at home. As well as being educational the day was great fun - thanks to our fellow chefs and the chef who led the course. We did the Thursday course, which starts with a shopping trip in the market and continues at the Chef's home outside of the city.查看详情
caroline456, 2012-12-02
“chopping for champions”
Spent a marvellous afternoon cooking delicious thai food with Sompon Nabnian at his school. Such great fun and although we hadn't worked so hard and so long in a kitchen before - "slice it finer, that's no good, start again, ha ha" - it was immensely enjoyable, and the end product of course was delicious. for those not used to thai ingredients it is an education initself to run through all the herbs and spices in common use in Thai cooking. Freshness and flavour are the key to it all, and the qu查看详情
ARhys, 2012-11-21
“Brilliant Idea”
It was one of the most enjoyable holidays. Learning exotic recipes and staying in a beautiful home . I recomend you to take the 5 full days of course. The staff is incredible ... Thank you Tanapon Panya查看详情
abenitez, 2012-11-17
“Love Thai food and cooking ? Join the class !”
In 1994 I joined the Chiang Mai Cookery School for a day of cooking class. It was great, and then, very new, and Somphon (the owner and master chief) "new" in the business. It was pretty simple, but still very good. Now, in october 2012, back to Chiang Mai for 6 days, and on 2 days I joined the cooking class. It has changed of course, but I still loved it. The classes are held in a lovely property outside of Chiang Mai. The chef demonstrates how to prepare a dish, and gives a lot of information 查看详情
nathalieyes, 2012-11-09
“Great Meal!”
We scheduled the six course meal and it was so delicious! There was way more food than I had expected and we couldn't get enough. The chef was a very entertaining host and we lit a paper lantern to conclude the meal. Lovely!查看详情
fauxbacon, 2012-10-29
“So much fun and so easy!”
My husband and I have taken quite a few Thai cooking classes. We both love to cook and we really enjoy the time together so these classes are ideal for us. For the most part they have all been pretty good. This one was one of the better ones for sure so we definitely recommend it.查看详情
mitzi r, 2012-10-10
“Yes. Do this.”
If you come to Chiang Mai you gotta take a cookery class because thai food its so easy and fun to make and also because of the fun meeting all the people and eating so much you cannot handle it anymore. Definitely worth to go there.查看详情
geepers a, 2012-10-08
我非常享受这次经历,而且我还能自己做东西吃。导师Jack非常棒。每天可以做六道菜,而且同伴非常好,我们学到了很多烹饪知识。强烈推荐。 查看详情
Steve H, 2012-05-30
我们在烹调学校待了一天: 去菜市场 去郊区的农场 做了6道有名的泰国菜 很棒的一天。老师教得很好,英文也说得很溜。当然享受啦! 查看详情
Zzmottomzz, 2012-05-14
这是一个学习泰式美食精髓的有趣的班。在我们的大厨,同时也是导师的细心指导下,我们能够一步一步学会如何制作泰式佳肴。咖喱馅饼的做法被细致分解讲授,每道材料的准备和添加都有讲解。这堂课时间够长,让我们能初步学懂泰国菜的所有构成,而且课堂节奏保持得很好。我们下次还会再学别的菜。 查看详情
Mik1111, 2012-05-06
我去参加这个课程的原因是因为我妻子喜欢做饭。我要声明一下的是这几天是我在清迈过得最棒的几天了。他们都非常专业。我非常喜欢这里的课程,只是有些时候实在是太热了。而且我不喜欢做饭!!!! 查看详情
ZdenkoG, 2012-04-22
我参加了全天的初级烹调班。可以要求学校安排车子到酒店来接哈,没有额外的费用喔。我是用PayPal付款的。一到学校办公室,就给我们选择。或者去菜市场挑选食材,或者到学校听食材讲座。我选择了去学校听讲座,很高兴这么做了。演讲很有趣,大厨告诉我们很多小贴士,比如如何搭配食材,生活里缺少的营养要选择什么食材补充。大厨从如何开始做鱼开始讲,然后我们回到位置上自己做鱼。之后,我们品尝了自己做的鱼。最后,我们吃了6道菜,我都快撑死了。我还拿到一本烹调书,有5天课程的所有食谱,免费的喔。这些食谱也同时发布在网站上。大厨懂好多,而且人很好玩。学校花园非常漂亮。 查看详情
MellowPet, 2012-04-17

Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School
47/2 Moon Muang Rd | (opposite Tha Phae Gate), Chiang Mai50200, Thailand

电话:053 206388



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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.