“this was amazing”
This was so so amazing, I booked Thailand for my honeymoon and I had to experience this and I was not disappointed.When I arrived I was a little scared of the size of the elephants, not of the animal but I am scared of heights. I choose a small teenage elephant which I totally regretted. My husband got on a huge bull, the necks on the small elephants are too narrow to balance on and I ended up getting off half way up the path. The men convinced me to get on the back of my husbands and I was not 查看详情
Mollyava4, 2012-12-09
“Best day trip ever!”
There are so many choices when it comes to elephant treks in Chiang Mai but we researched Trip Advisor and booked this on the strength of the reviews whilst still in the UK and we certainly weren’t disappointed. We emailed Joe first with an enquiry and he got back to us the same day before we pre-paid for the trip on their website. We were collected promptly and taken about an hours drive into the mountains, where Joe greeted us before providing us with trousers and a t-shirt to wear and keep. A查看详情
Rosemary G, 2012-12-08
“Our Best Experience in Thailand....”
This was by far the best experience I had in my two weeks in Thailand. This place is very well run and the elephants are not mistreated as it may be the case at other camps. My elephant "Izzy" was adorable. She was so gentle and sweet :o) She lifted me up with her trunk really high up in the air and let me down so gently (Thank God!!)...They seem to care a lot for the elephants. I highly recommend this camp. You will not be dissapointed, Thanks for making our time in Thailand so special.查看详情
zmp66, 2012-12-08
“Great day with the elephants!”
After struggling with our decision as whether or not to have an experience with elephants in Thailand, studying all the options, and having many ethical and philosophical discussions, we found TEH and were totally pleased with our day there and our experience. They even accommodated us with a last minute decision to go, finding a driver to take us out there. We agree with all the other positive reviews. We had varying levels of comfort with the animals and our needs were all met, including getti查看详情
richmond, 2012-12-03
“Awesome Experience”
This was a great experience for my family. We were collected from our hotel at 8.30am and returned by 6pm so was a full day activity. I had previously done some research on a number of the different animal safaris and decided on this one. There is ongoing discussions on trip advisor about the cruelty/treatment of the elephants so avoided the parks where the elephants did the paintings, played with the soccer ball, lifting logs, circus acts etc. We also chose to avoid riding on an elephant in a s查看详情
kamsSydney, 2012-12-01
“Best part of the holiday”
All we can say is book this experience, you will not regret it, we had an elephant each & rode them "bare-back" taking them through the rain forest for lunch and a mud bath for the elephants and ourselves, then onto the river to wash and swim with these majestic animals, the staff care for their elephants & encourage knowledge & respect for them, the food was a simple dish of pad Thai but was excellent in that it was extremely tasty & wrapped in banana leaves which went to feed the elephants. We查看详情
sharonandmark, 2012-12-01
“Exceeded Expectations”
There's a reason why so many people give it a 5/5 rating. It's a great all-day experience that I won't be forgetting any time soon. In my opinion much better than riding an elephant in a chair/seat. If you have the choice, pay the extra few $ and opt for the all-day experience, it was worth it.查看详情
AGW2, 2012-11-29
“Hands down ... best part of Chiang Mai”
No words. Look at the photos. It feels as cool as it looks! If you are even considering this, don't. Just do it. Life changing experience.查看详情
iobie, 2012-11-29
“Following up on previous review”
Noticed that some people had problems with the website. It asks for payment without verifying or confirming a date. Not ideal I know, but we did want to go. So, we emailed and sent text follow up toJoe and organised the day without paying anything in advance. In fact we had to remind them at the end of the day that we hadn't paid. They're certainly aren't out to swindle you - quite the opposite. Seven months on , we all still think it was one of the most memorable events of our Asian trip. So, d查看详情
MOT99, 2012-11-28
I'm an animal lover and I went to Chiang Mai to do other things....lantern festival, visit the temples, play with the tigers, etc. I didn't even think much of the elephants but I had one day I was free so I contacted a few elephant camps and I choosed Thai Elephant Home, mainly because of their great reviews. There are a ton of elephant camps, much bigger than Thai Elephant home...however, they are ranked #7 overall. There is a reason for that. They offer 2 hours or an all day elephant experienc查看详情
Asiatraveler54, 2012-11-28
我在泰国大象之家(the Thai Elephant Home)待了一天,一个人去旅行的。虽然我是一个人从早玩到晚的,但我过得很开心。3位工作人员,2头大象,我们一起去外面玩。不得不说,很棒的开始!工作人员在我到的时候,就告诉我很多小贴士,比如在外面和大象在一起的安全问题等等。这样,我当然就更放心了。我喜欢这里,虽然没椅子。很自然的感觉,我坐在大象椅子上和别人聊天。本来,还以为这样大象或人都不会舒服。工作人员还牵了小象过来,但只是做些简单的表演:比如扔给小象东西,小象就会用鼻子卷起来;比如演示什么东西不能吃之类。剩下的时间,就是按照各种声音发出的指令做各种动作,虽然有时会失败。我的大象就喜欢边走边吃东西。 整天都很好玩。最棒的,还是帮大象擦掉身上的泥浆,然后和他们在水里玩。最小的象还跳进水中,然后转圈。看着小象们特别高兴的样子。另一只大象怀孕了,看起来非常稳重,还很躺在水里20分钟很高兴的享受我做的按摩。导游mahut之前就帮大象妈妈洗了澡。 虽然一个人旅行并不容易,但我这天还是感觉很安全,Mahut一路上都把我照顾得很好,人也非常热情。和动物一起玩,不是每个人都会喜欢。但这让我感..查看详情
LottieA04, 2012-06-11
做好看一篇长篇大论的准备哦…… 总的来说,在这儿的时光是很不错地的。我有机会同大象们一起呆了3天。现在我不会给出全5星的评价,因为这样意味着没有需要改进的地方了(通常任何事情都有提示的空间)。但是,唯一让我“心烦”的是这儿的一切都无懈可击 的确,这是一个大象家园,适合观光旅游和生态旅游。所以人们带来的东西少,拿走的也少。通常情况下,这家公司只会从当地买些必需品和食物,建筑也尽量都使用竹子和稻草之类的材料。他们的管象人对大象实行一对一的照料。但是,我们必须承认,观光旅游确实是他们收入的主要来源。所以,位了让每位游客偶遇大象,游客还希望是近距离的接触,大象在晚上都是被关着或绑着,不能走动也不吃东西。但是白天大象至少会有一次长时间自由的机会,通常它们会在泥里洗个澡或是在河里游泳,所以我确定它们都很好。管象人偶尔会用到吊钩,只有这样才能训练大象(确保游客的安全),也仅仅是在大象对语言管教不做回应时。这是公司唯一的缺点,但与其说是缺点,还不如说是必须这样做。 除此之外,所有的一切都棒极了!首先我想先不写评价性的东西。因为我在这儿呆了3天,所以比起呆了一天的游客,我学到了很多东西也体验了很多。我学查看详情
Brynn C, 2012-05-29
我这些年经常访问到到网,看到不少有用的评论。不过,我从来没写过评论。现在,我想和新婚的另一半分享在大象之家的经历,真的超棒。Joe和他的团队做了很有意义的一件事,就是在大象旅游活动基础上,开发有环保意识和人文体验的活动,而不只是简单的马戏团表演。不是大公司,所以大象存在劳累过度的情况。现在,大象之家启动再造林及义工计划等。 我们是在last-minute网站预订的,大象之家安排各种活动很贴心。为了让我们的蜜月很特别,大象之家安排的私密的旅行,没有跟团。这让我和另一半感觉好开心,和可爱的大象Lulu 和 Pabu度过了一段非常甜蜜的时间。分享了泥浆浴,还在河里喂大象Lulu 和 Pabu吃东西。一路上象夫Mahouts陪着我们。那些河中玩耍的十多岁孩子,好像是和大象一起长大的。我们的导游Poon非常贴心,乐于主动帮忙。一路上,Poon帮我拎包,拿相机,帮忙拍照,超难忘的。 特别值得一提的是,Chowit为我们到大象之家的行程做了很多努力,甚至帮忙安排我们到附近山地部落和水果市场,还代表我们讨价还价、 如果你看到这个评论,那就跟团去看看。预订旅行,好好体验大象之家带来的难忘经历吧! 查看详情
pkmendoza, 2012-05-25
我和老公是到泰国(Thailand)度蜜月。之所以到这个大象之家玩,是因为老公的爸妈住在曼谷(Bangkok),以前来过三次。老爸老妈的推荐当然好,我们也满怀期待。和大象一起玩好棒,不要怕。这里的员工非常友好。我不知道其他的大象之家怎么样,但我觉得不可能更好了。我们曾看过另一处,游客只是原地骑一下大象。显然,我们玩得更开心。大象之家提供的午饭很好吃喔! 我们是五月中旬去的,很热。不过,不用担心臭虫。请记得我的建议:1.穿凉鞋不会掉下来。不过拖鞋会让脚痛。我穿了旧的网球鞋。2.多带几套内衣。虽然大象之家会提供专门的外衣,但骑大象去河里玩时,会弄湿衣服。这样冲凉之后,你还有干净的内衣可换。 查看详情
Mandy S, 2012-05-24
这里的工作人员很好,大象看起来生活得也不错,被照顾得很好。我带着很小的孩子,所以整天都处在担惊受怕当中。我觉得这里不适合10岁以下的小孩(我的孩子一个5岁,一个7岁,我觉得他们有点小)。说到这,那里的工作人员很好,会帮我照顾孩子。 查看详情
Rachelle_Sydney, 2012-05-14

Thai Elephant Home
50 Charoen Prathet, Chiang Mai50100, Thailand




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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.