“A day to remember for ever”
What a special day. This is a day to remember for ever, a kiss from an elephant who is now really happy and safe living in an environment where she can do what she wants. A bath with the elephants and just being with them can not compare to any of the tourist elephant shows or trips. You get lots of very close contact with the elephants and really get to feel how privileged you are to share some time with these amazing animals. I did read one comment where someone said they were board. If you ar查看详情
Sarah C, 2012-12-14
My visit to Elephant Nature Park was the highlight of my entire month in Thailand. I spent one day there learning things I never knew about the Asian Elephants of Thailand. Anyone visiting Chiang Mai should take the time to visit this delightful home to elephants that have previously had a very hard life. It was a joy meeting Navann, 3 weeks old when I was there. Feeding the elephants and washing them in the river was a delight. Please support this wonderful elephant preserve.查看详情
ghs1953, 2012-12-13
“A wonderful day with the elephants”
Our day trip to the ENP began by being picked up at our hotel at 9am and was followed by an approximate one hour drive to the park. We fed, bathed and stroked the elephants while being taught about the sad plight of many of the beasts in Thailand (many of which are rescued to here). You get a connection with them and feel for them, there is no riding here, these wonderful people ensure that they are happy as can be. We had a decent lunch and were back at our hotel by 5pm, wiser, a little sadder 查看详情
Nidgehammer, 2012-12-12
“Incredible Experience!!”
The Elephant Nature Park is how people should be interacting with the elephants rather then riding on their back, they deserve respect and love and that is exactly what Lek has provided to the elephants that have been fortunate to cross her path. We had a ton of time with the elephants, we fed them, bathed them and walked around the park visiting each group. We even received a shower thanks to Hope. Take the time to stay overnight and learn about these gentle giants and the woman they call the e查看详情
Red1020, 2012-12-12
“A one of a kind elephant experience”
Of all the elephant experiences a visitor can have while visiting Chiang Mai, I would recommend this as the BEST one. This was definitely the highlight of my time in Chiang Mai. Our guide taught us all about the elephants and welcomed any questions we had about them. We got to feed them several times over the course of our day tour, and also went into the river with them to bathe them. The park served us a vegetarian buffet feast for lunch, which we enjoyed while watching elephants wander freely查看详情
Nadia C, 2012-12-12
“The Ethical way to have an incredible Elephant experience in Thailand”
What a life changing day! Spending the day with the amazing creatures and learning about their history and what they have been through was the highlight of our trip. Would recommend this to anyone visiting Thailand. You MUST make time for this! With so many animals abused by the tourist industry in Thailand...this is one of the very few places who are doing things the correct way. All of the animals here are so well taken care of, your money IS going toward a good cause.查看详情
mizzousteph, 2012-12-12
“Amazing place!”
Well worth the money. We had lots of time with the elephants, fed them, bathed them and learned lots about the recent history of elephants in Thailand. You won't be disappointed by visiting the park.查看详情
Mark T, 2012-12-12
Such a great day out. Harrowing seeing what so many thai elephants have to go through in the name if training. I think important to create awareness however as part of tourist education to stop elephant exploitation. Wonderful to see the elephants in their new found heaven. Great buffet lunch, nice little gift shop, nice to have education in such a practical way, to learn about the ethos and aims of the park, feeding and washing the elephants was so special. Got to see the new born 30day old tin查看详情
P K, 2012-12-11
“An amazing day”
I would recommend this amazing experience to anyone in chiang mai. My only regret is that I only took the day 'learning elephant' tour rather than spending a few days. The structure of the day is as follows: Upon arrival at the elephant nature park, you are provided with a quick safety talk and then commence feeding the elephants. Once the elephants have had a snack, a tour commences at which time you meet members of the herd. This is followed by lunch and then bath time for the elephants. Final查看详情
travellingdc, 2012-12-11
“One of the best ever experiences - a Thailand 'must-do'”
We chose to visit the Elephant Nature Park as we were keen to see some elephants but wanted to see them in the most natural, kindest setting possible. We booked a day visit, which included hotel pick-up/drop-off, outstanding veggie lunch buffet and afternoon tea/coffee. And, of course, the awe-inspiring chance to spend a day with rescue elephants in an environment that's as close as possible to the wild. As an animal lover, hearing the heart-breaking stories of the elephants - each with a differ查看详情
Luciac76, 2012-12-11
如果可以的话,最好晚上来餐馆,有太多新鲜有趣的东西了,可以更了解大象以及它们的习性。公园非常棒,能够给大象带来很好的生活条件。 查看详情
MicheleB2012, 2012-06-14
喜欢这个公园,因为我们对骑大象或者看大象没啥兴趣。 记得早起,在公园还是可以看到放养的大象。 员工非常贴心。我们在公园吃的午餐很美味,当然要单独付钱。有的素食者可能从来没听说过这里。就算喜欢吃肉的人也会爱上这里。 很棒的一天! 查看详情
EllenorNewcastle, 2012-06-14
我很高兴我们决定留下来过夜。我只希望我们能逗留更长时间。Lek是我有幸遇到的人中最富有魅力的一个到。小心谨慎地照顾所有的动物(他们救助任何需要帮助的动物)是常态。留给我们最持久印象的不只是日常必需品,而是他们关心动物们感受的程度。请不要让自己错过这一体验。 查看详情
palin47, 2012-06-12
无法用语言来描述这个地方有多么神奇。我们在这里两天一夜,但还是不够。你以为你在第一天就全部看完,但是第二天,看到的却全充满惊喜。 对于我来说,亮点就是遇见主人Lek,她和大象嬉戏的时候,脸上的神情非常妩媚。 这可能有点贵,但是还是很值得的。去吧!回忆会很值得。 查看详情
MJG30, 2012-06-11
这是个一日游,对孩子们来说,节奏也有点太慢。我们喂了动物,在午饭时间以前,孩子们就已经有点心不在焉了。后来我们抱怨了节奏的问题,他们才又往日程里加了两个活动。他们似乎很关照那些大象。给大象们洗澡很有趣!总的来说,这公园挺不错。 查看详情
Praju1233, 2012-06-11

Elephant Nature Park
209/2 Sridom Chai Road, Chiang Mai50100, Thailand

电话:66 (0) 53 818754



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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.