“A must do for elephant lovers”
My husband and I booked this as a mahoot for the day experience. It is a long day thats hands on and tiring be prepared for that! It is however a fabulous fabulous experience. The staff here really care about there animals and that really shows. After being collected from our hotel we arrived and were given a change of clothes and a chat about what to expect etc. From there we were given some info on how to approach elephants etc and paired with an elephant and its handler. I was paired with a m查看详情
lazytoad2001, 2012-12-11
“One in a lifetime experience”
We had so much fun and developed such a respect for this group after our "Elephant caretaker for a day" program. We were picked up in the morning and taken to the expansive grounds. Apparently the grounds are so large, they have multiple groups at one time and you almost never know it! We were greeted by baby elephants who wanted to eat and play! It was too cute! We then were introduced to our individual elephants, and learned to evaluate them, feed them, clean them, ride them, and then clean th查看详情
Sillymango, 2012-12-11
“Life Changing Experience”
I've been home for a week and I am still far, far from being able to put my day at Patara into words. I had the honor of caring for MaeMai and Nanu for a day, my Mom cared for Dodo. Our group was fantastic and Jack, our guide, was so knowledgeable. I could literally write a thesis on why this place is life changing, so I'll try to keep it short. Getting to feed, bathe, ride and swim with an elephant is a once in a lifetime experience and you will regret not doing it with Patara. The amount of lo查看详情
Chelsea K, 2012-12-11
“Fantastic day with elephants - great people who really care about them”
The 'elephant caretaker for a day' program is something really special. You learn about the signs of a healthy elephant and then spend the day taking care of one (with their full time caretaker). We 'made friends' by feeding them, rode them bareback through the jungle to the waterfall where we bathed them (fun!), went to the 'nursery' to see babies of 2 and 4 weeks and it was a fantastic and memorable day. The people at Patara really know elephants and care about what they're doing. Although it'查看详情
NYC304, 2012-12-11
“If you're going to be in Chiang Mai this is a must”
My boyfriend and I spent 15 days in Thailand (traveled to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Phi Phi) and took many tours and scheduled many different activities...this was our favorite. I had some friends who had gone to Chiang Mai and recommended the day with the elephants, so I though I had an idea of what to expect, but it really is indescribable so I'll leave it at that. Be sure and bring a swimsuit and your own camera, as well as a change of clothes (the staff will carry your things for you t查看详情
melissac21, 2012-12-11
“Totally amazing”
It was a truly unique experience. Elephants were loved and cared for beautifully. We were able to be totally involved in their care, and were fully interactive. A must do experience.查看详情
Adele K, 2012-12-10
“Amazing experience with elephants”
Unbelievable experience, we heard great things before visiting but this was better than anything we could have hoped for. The elephants were looked after extremely well by their trainers who also looked made sure our experience was one to remember. The food they provided was plentiful and delicious and the knowledge we gained on how to look after an elephant was something we'll never forget. Bathing with the elephants was certainly a highlight. There was also plenty of bottled water provided and查看详情
Natta86, 2012-12-09
“Day With Elephants”
I was somewhat concerned that this experience would be exploitative of the animals. But, based on the experience of other Trip Advisor reviewers we went. We loved it. It was probably one of the highlight of our trip. The elephants are well fed and well cared for. How dose know? We cleaned them, fed them, and bathed them ourselves. We examined their poop, their ears, and their toe nails. My wife was extremely ambivalent about about getting in the water to bathe her elephant. However, she did it a查看详情
Luigi53SD, 2012-12-09
“One if the best experiences if my life, I'll never forget it.”
This has got to be on everyone's 'to do' list in life, let alone Chian mai! Ben the guide and our 'helpers' for the day were amazing and made sure that everyone got the most from their day and had an amazing time. They take professional photos throughout the day and you are given them on a CD to take home.. I've just viewed mine and they are so lovely. The elephants we truly the star of the day and I felt very emotional saying goodbye. A little more expensive than other tours I think but most de查看详情
Atc54m, 2012-12-08
“wonderful experience, yet overpriced.”
after doing some research as of which elephant camp/farm to consider for our group (as we wanted to be sure that the elephants weren't abused, and the camp/farm would be as ethical as much as possible), we narrowed down to two. and this one had availability for our group. our group of 8 had an absolutely wonderful experience at patara elephant farm. the owner (pat) and mahouts were very accommodating from the beginning to the end. the whole experience was very positive as we could see how much t查看详情
d240i, 2012-12-07
两个成年人,一个青少年,还有一个九岁的孩子受到了农场主和两头幼象的问候呢。关于大象和农场,他做了一个冗长的演讲,概括来说,就是在最好的可能性环境中增长大象数量并且雇佣年轻人作为象夫等的商业。那些大象健康漂亮,被照顾的很好,不过别搞错啦,他们可是非常庞大强壮的动物,非常聪明,他们听从命令,并不是处于对人类的爱,而是因为他们是受象夫控制的。大象不听话的时候,象夫就会用小的尖东西刺他们,让他们出血。这一次大象的耳朵或尾巴看起来挺好的,到了下一次的时候就会有一些流血的小洞,并且召来苍蝇呢。是的,有点凄惨,不过为了安全,我是不会让我的孩子骑一头不受控制的大象的。这里不是迪士尼乐园,这是真的动物和人脸,为了生存,他们要一起工作的。就算是清迈的大象庇护所也不能说他们的大象过着无忧无虑的生活呢……只有米老鼠和其他一些卡通人物可以哦。那个象夫很好的,他真的做的很好来保证我们的安全并且玩儿的开心呢。我只希望我当时有的泰铢给他们消费,因为他们比我能给他们的值。这次旅行的精彩之处在于骑着大象穿越景色如花的乡村。骑大象也不是那么难啦,第二天的时候我们的大腿受了点小伤,不过孩子们玩儿的很开心呢,我还会再去... 查看详情
liveonthego, 2012-06-13
大象一整天都陪着我们,我很幸运的是,我的大象们正好是一对夫妻,象妈妈和象爸爸。农场里的人教你怎么为大象洗澡,怎么照顾大象,怎么准备然后从他们的粪便来查看他们是否健康。在瀑布旁吃了一顿美味的午餐,而吃剩下的东西你可以喂给大象们。大象管理员们很好,他们不会用棍子打大象他们也不会那么做,他们只是和他们交谈。这会是艰苦的一天,也会是腿酸疼的一天,做好准备吧,不过值得一去。 查看详情
sheona k, 2012-06-13
如果想要碰到一些真正关心大象的人,这里是消磨时间的好地方。美好时光呀。一定要跟大象一起游泳哦,目前为止是一天最好的部分啦,也是跟大象一起互动的最好时光呢。 查看详情
Dan M, 2012-06-13
Patara Elephant是一个让人惊喜的地方。一整天下来,我们都到扫卫生,骑象,与大象一起洗澡。不敢让人相信的亲自动手。我,作为一个成年人,从没跟动物如此亲近过。我的女儿非常惊喜,学到了许多,不仅仅是关于动物,但更保护动物和环境的重要性。实在让人惊喜。 查看详情
nadia2323, 2012-06-12
泰国人很喜欢大象,在Patara Elephant Farm你可以看到关于大象的所有东西,大象粪造纸。。。大象表演非常精彩,还会画画,太难以置信了!大象最喜欢的就是洗澡,在水里异常的兴奋,所以骑着大象过河有点害怕,哈哈,一天的大象游太棒了。 查看详情
oldoldlady, 2011-04-29

Patara Elephant Farm
299/22 | Mae Hea, Chiang Mai50000, Thailand

电话:66-81 9922551, 66 81-6710958



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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.