“A True Beauty”
This French gothic church is stunning, I walked in by chance out of curiosity and what a surprise. It was such a magical moment, completely empty and the amazing sound of the organ. 20 mins of unexpected peace on hectic 5th avenue. Very well maintained.查看详情
davinapreca, 2012-11-16
“Peace in the city”
We were only able to walk about and look at the architecture, but I would love to return to listen to the organ. Its a beautiful place to sit for some peace in contrast to the traffic and crowds查看详情
physiomom, 2012-11-05
“Great Reredos by a Gold Medalist”
Saint Thomas Church at 53rd street and fifth avenue of Manhattan, NY is known for its' Great Reredos ( 60 in all, and said to be the largest in the world with 80' high and 43' wide ); for which Mr. Goodhue received American Institute of Architects' Gold Medal in 1925. This church is also known for about 50 figures on the Fifth Avenue Facade of the church. Some of the important and worth noticing attractions in the church are:- The Vestibule, World War I and II Memorials, Stained Glass Windows, L查看详情
RajnishPathak, 2012-09-27
“Wonderful wedding”
My daughter was married here and the experience was wonderful. We were not members but the church extended itself to us. As we emerged afterwards, all of 5th Avenue stopped to see who the celebrity might be.查看详情
grfiv, 2012-08-16
The architecture of this building is amazing!! It is the most beautiful church I've ever seen in my life! When we were inside, it was so stunning, it brought me to tears! A must see if your an architect buff or big into religious beliefs!查看详情
inosin1, 2012-06-15
“Magnificent Church, Magnificent Music”
My wife and I had chance to attend a Sunday mass at St. Thomas Episcopal Church on 5th Avenue. I had seen the interior of the church once before, so I knew what to expect in terms of the beauty of the interior. And, I knew that the music programs were very fine. There was a visiting youth choir from the UK and this fabulous group sang the mass and the service was very beautiful. There are several magnificent Episcopal churches in NYC and I am glad I had a chance to attend a service at St. Thomas查看详情
RussChapman, 2012-05-14
“Evensong at St Thomas”
Great Anglican tradition is Evensong, St Thomas' mens and boys chior is top rated and well recommended查看详情
chucksharp59, 2012-04-25
“St. Thomas Church on 5th Avenue in New York City”
An architectural masterpiece of French High Gothic style is nestled among the Midtown hubub of activity. No need to wait for a holiday celebration to hear a choir sing, instrumental performance or church organ concert here. Webcasts are available for some concerts and scheduled events. In May a recital by the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir, Ebbe Munk, director is happening. The St. Thomas Choir usually records and releases one CD a year.查看详情
Hither and Thit... A, 2012-03-21
“Magnificent surprise”
This church is awesome. No crowds like at St Patricks and the stained glass and enormous size of the church are inspiring. Pipe organ music playing on a Thursday afternoon when we entered. Must see查看详情
John N, 2011-12-31
“Superb Anglican choir and liturgy.”
We went for Evensong on Sunday. There was a choir of men and boys in the Anglican tradition which is a very rare occurrance in the Episcopal church. It is hard to imagine that there are choirs elsewhere in this tradition which achieve such a high standard. The organ playing was similarly impressive and there was an excellent sermon from a young Priest who had only been ordained for about 4 years. It is a pity that I was only a visitor to New York as I would make this my parish church if I lived 查看详情
Lambert99, 2011-09-26
“Overlooked...so take advantage”
One of Midtown's GREAT destinations. I've walked by this place literally 100's of times without giving it a second thought. A curator friend of mine asked me to take a walk one day and we ended up here. Whoa baby! This is a spectacular cathedral, ornate like you wouldn't believe.....and empty. The first time I was in it, I spent an hour looking at all the carvings and statuary. Amazing. I have yet to hear the choir, but my understanding is that you will be brought to tears at the sound. The rere查看详情
65Pony, 2011-09-09
“A hidden gem”
Across the road from it's more imposing neighbour (st paticks), this much smaller church seems to be overlooked by most people. Upon visiting, there was only one other person in the church, which is a shame as it deserves better. From the outside, the church looks very odd - it lacks symmetry, a whole side seems to be missing. From reading the history of this church, the design was apparently a 'novel' solution to it's corner position, after it was rebuilt following a fire. The beauty in this ch查看详情
Vanessacmc, 2010-12-13
“The Anglican choral tradition is alive and well in NYC.”
I visited St. Thomas Church in the 1960s but was not educated enough to appreciate what I was experiencing. In October '09, while visiting the city to see some Broadway shows, I returned and attended Evensong 4 times (three times during the week and once on Sunday). St. Thomas Church is not a cathedral. It is, however, built in the gothic style, with stone on stone construction and a very lively accoustic, which adds to the glory of the singing experience. The choir is made up of professional ad查看详情
epiduralbob, 2009-11-17
每周的星期二星期三星期四下午五点半左右和星期日下午四点走进第五大街的圣托马斯教堂,你都会惊喜的看到有百年之久的历史的圣诗队在唱诗。 圆顶石砌大教堂里回荡着天籁之音,这些穿着长袍的男孩和青年男子组成的世界著名唱诗班在此献唱。当少年合唱队开始伴着风琴和管弦乐演唱传统圣歌的时候,你会发现你突然感受到特别的东西。坐回去慢慢欣赏吧。 晚祷伴随着这动听的音乐持续有45分钟,少年可以很自然的接受这种由同龄的天才少年演绎的古典杰作。 这些男孩在圣托马斯唱诗学校学习,目前世界上只有四所这样的学校。他们一年到头就在圣托马斯教堂、卡内基大厅、林肯中心为观众巡演。 唱诗学校的目的是培养和教育天才音乐家,所以如果你儿子对音乐感兴趣还生得一副好嗓子,就鼓励他来这里试音申请吧。可以访问学校主页http://www.choirschool.org/. 无论你是否有儿女,这都是一种从都市的喧嚣解脱出来不错的方式。 倘若你打算带孩子来,你可能想坐在大教堂的后面。如果他总是乱动你就可以带他悄悄离开。 地址:纽约西53条大街圣托马斯大教堂 方向:从时代广场走一条街到美国大街(第六大街),然后到50条洛克菲勒中... 查看详情
postcardsfromnewyork, 2009-04-20
昨天我们参观了这座教堂。这里的助理演奏者Fred Teardo才到圣托马斯大约3个月,人非常非常好,还为我们展示(并且演示)了教堂的两个主要的风琴。教堂前面圣坛区的一个大的风琴演奏洪亮而又华丽的乐章实在是很不错,不过要和着赞美诗的话,声音资源就是个不小的挑战了。楼上的走廊有一台Taylor & Boody公司的风琴,是北德和荷兰巴洛克风格的。这台琴很不同寻常,因为它用的是Kellner temperament(某些键的音质比其他琴的好很多),有机械或者跟踪的功能,有块很平的踏板,通过用脚操作三个风箱就可以人为操控风的供应(很辛苦的!)。在表演完风琴之后,Fred告诉了我们关于这座教堂有名的唱诗班的事情,我们还了解到他周六只有一个小时的时间来练琴,我想大城市里的大教堂的情况一定是一星期里每天都有很多的游客过来,而且还有6项或者的服务吧!不管怎么样,Fred这么好让我们来参观这座教堂并且还演奏了风琴(教堂前面那个小的便携式的除外),这就让我很开心了。 查看详情
sac2008, 2006-11-19

圣·托马斯教堂 St. Thomas Church
1 West 53rd St, New York City, NY10019 (Manhattan, Midtown)



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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.