“They need to consult an Imagineer!”
Show was incredible! I can see why everyone raves about it. Lots of dancing, but it dragged a bit in the middle. When the dancers were not on stage, I wanted to take a nap. My only problem with the entire experience was the crowd control. They crammed everyone in the theater at once with no direction. People were squished in and everyone was going a different direction. Considering the number of performances, they should have this down to a fine art. They need to consult a Disney Imagineer on cr查看详情
lynette d, 2012-12-15
“Fantastic way to get in the Christmas spirit.”
Our second trip to NYC and first in December and I couldn't wait to see this show. Arrived early to soak up the atmosphere around the Rockefeller tree and inside the theatre. The theatre is stunning inside and the show more than lived up to expectations. Every scene was fantastic. Outfits were beautiful and the 3d scenes brilliant. It really got us feeling festive. Only gripe is latecomers getting in the way when you are trying to watch the opening scenes. If you are going PLEASE have some consi查看详情
julie60, 2012-12-14
“Christmas Spectacular was superb!”
The soldiers were my favorite part. Amazing how well they stay in sinc with one another. A lot of practice pays off! Expect to pay $28.00 for popcorn and two virgin Rocketinis. Great view from first mezzanine row k off right center. Ties the true reason for the holidays in at the finale. A fun evening to get dressed up and go out with famiy and friends.查看详情
Maconitetraveler, 2012-12-14
“not worth the price”
A good show for kids. Entertaining & splendid costumes. Latecomers were distracting. Storyline was average.查看详情
xtn8, 2012-12-14
“Christmas Spectacular really is..”
A "bucket list" event for us was to experience NYC in the Christmas season. The RCMH Christmas Show is something to behold - long may it live!查看详情
jmwelchtn, 2012-12-13
“Great Holiday Show”
Attended the Rocketts Holiday Show at Radio City. It a great way to end a day of shopping at Macy's and then take in the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. As always the Rockettes give a great performance.查看详情
gjv001, 2012-12-13
Went to the 9:30 show on Friday night. Great after a stroll along Fifth Avenue and dinner. Fun way to start the Christmas season.查看详情
sr_voyager, 2012-12-13
“Fantastic show - what we saw....”
Not our first trip to see the Christmas spectacular, in fact my third show and my wifes 4th so we knew what to expect. As we normally do we bought the tickets weeks in advance, bought the best seats available (Orchestra 401 row SS), and settled down to watch a great show. I'm not a theatre/arty type fan but I can appreciate the talent of the dancers and everyone involved in the show, where this show lets itself down is the drive for corporate greed in that tickets for the show are sold at huge d查看详情
UK2NY, 2012-12-12
“A Wonderful Christmas Show!”
We had tickets for the 2:00 show and began to line up at 12:30 after hearing they open the doors at 1:00. This gave us time to go in - grab our free popcorn and soda - then find our seats. The show was absolutely amazing - more than I anticipated it to be! The 3-D moments - the props - the dancers were so wonderful! I especially loved that they included the nativity scene - that was so beautiful! When we knew the finale was going on, we head to the back of the theater where we finished watching 查看详情
cmariert, 2012-12-12
我们从宾夕法尼亚的兰开斯特坐火车到纽约,打算参观无线电城音乐大厅和洛克菲勒中心的观测台,包括火车票一起,都是通过Amtrak Vacatio旅行社订的,它没有让我们失望!我们在纽约度过了快乐的一天,无线电城音乐大厅的圣诞演出非常精彩,座位也超棒! 小贴士:我们是在售票处买的票,但每个卖票的说法都不一样。你只需要把买票人带到售票处,没有身份证是买不到票的,这样倒也不错,但跟无线电城的员工告诉我们的不一样。 查看详情
abby57, 2009-01-03
没有什么比这个表演更能让你体会圣诞精神了。我们家里5个人都同意这是我们12月游纽约最棒的景点了。我女儿尤其喜欢那些活生生的动物。在圣诞节期间来纽约玩的话,这里一定要来看看。 查看详情
Phil4_6-7, 2008-12-26
很多年前我就听说来纽约一定要来这里看看,所以这次我就订了张票,确实如此。我咨询过到到网友能不能先拿到票,说是不行,其实是可以的,还可以去麦迪逊花园拿票。这样对我来说就很方便,因为我们打算去看圆形剧院。这里的员工非常能帮忙,我们带着个轮椅,推着婴儿车,演出的时候他们帮我们看管。演出很精彩,非常划算!另外,旁边还有个不错的面包店呢,那儿的纸托蛋糕非常好吃! 查看详情
helen118, 2008-12-22
无线电城本身就很漂亮,1999年这里重新装饰了一遍,就显得更加漂亮了!那时,这里正在为迎接假日而装修,恰好我也在那里。一棵美丽的施华洛世奇水晶树被挂在天花板上,慢慢地转动着,特别闪亮。这也为地面腾出了宝贵的空间。 这里最初的壁画被换成了"音乐地毯"。靠着墙壁那还有玩具士兵,家庭旅游的人可以在这里照相。专门用来照相的区域是要收费的。 每层楼都有商品区和酒吧,夹层酒吧里的玻璃是蚀刻的,我觉得那是个摇滚酒吧。 有一个表演的演员是几头货真价实的牛,那看上去非常刺激。那里有地下室,主层及夹层。 如果你有机会去无线电城音乐大厅的话,不管看演出还是不看,一定要去转转。这绝对是个美丽的、历史悠久的地方。 查看详情
MyMuse, 2008-12-18
我每年都要去观看圣诞节特别节目,到目前为止今年的是最令我难忘的。他们添加了新的场景、新歌曲还有新装,每一秒钟我都很享受。过去一开始就让人感到厌倦,因为年复一年的重复着同样的节目。今年他们推陈出新,甚至连我男友陪我观看很多次都失去了兴致今年也喜欢上了这的表演。我最喜欢的部分仍然是木兵,我很高兴他们还保留这个节目。像我在其它评论中提到的别买全价票!这当然很值,但如果你用不着花那么多钱干嘛还那么大头呢。你可以通过很多网站来获取打折票。TheaterMania.com, Broadway Alerts, MSG买票之前浏览一下这些网站。我买的正厅前排中间的票只花了350元,而不是770元。 查看详情
TheresaP, 2008-01-06

无线电城音乐大厅 Radio City Music Hall
1260 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas), (between 50th and 51st Streets), New York City, NY10020 (M




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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.