“Make time for this”
Even a short visit places what you know about modern Dubai in context. The variety of small water boats is interesting as is the collection of artefacts. The posed figures that represent different aspects of traditional life are a little weird to start with but they are OK if you just accept them as props for the costumes. Visited as part of the Big Bus tour of Dubai, this is also the starting point for the Walking Tour. Very worthwhile.查看详情
Life_0f_Pie, 2012-12-11
“Decent Museum”
Good place to visit when in Dubai. Great shopping area around too!! The entry is minimal and the display artifacts are quite impressive.查看详情
mohbeen, 2012-12-09
Informative way to spend 30 minutes of your life but this low excitement tourism hot spot and the best pat of this excitement attraction is the overcrowded souvenir shop.查看详情
Horsenzl, 2012-12-09
“Best place to find the History of Dubai”
If you are on the Red Bus Tour, this is a great place to stop off for 20 mins and learn about the humble beginnings of Dubai. There isn't a huge amount but what is there is well done especially the time history video in the downstairs part.查看详情
PFTraveller62, 2012-12-09
“A condensed view into the past of Dubai...”
Definitely not to be missed. Tells you what Dubai was in the last centuries, before becoming the glittering conglomerate of today. A bit tight, if there a too many visitors you might not see what you would like to see.查看详情
Flowwolf, 2012-12-08
“Interesting old fort”
I thought it was really interesting to have this old fort in the middle of other more modern buildings. The displays felt authentic and I could visualize their way of life. It's a fairly small museum but you can easily spend an hour looking at everything.查看详情
Jen78703, 2012-12-06
“Gives a feel of early Desert life”
Al Fahidi fort (built in 1880) has been converted to Dubai Museum keeping the structure unchanged. There are different sections with samples of traditional boats, musical instruments, and weaponry. A portion of the fort is modeled to desert life of Bedouins. Another segment is dedicated to the marine life of the locals in early years. This segment is beautifully illuminated with blue to create an illusion of under water.查看详情
Ananyapal, 2012-12-06
“Past Life”
The Dubai Museum is in one of my favourite areas of Dubai - the Bastakiya. It is well worth adding to your tour of the souks and the renovated old buildings with their wind towers, lining the Creek. Shaded courtyard of the Bastakiya Art Cafe makes a lovely stop for a refreshing iced mint tea and the nearby Majlis gallery is lovely to wander around.查看详情
SatwaSal, 2012-12-06
“The place you need to go!”
A famous Dubai Museum at the first sign looks poor and no-interesting but there is a surprise inside - very nice and big display with many accesories, rich staging of scenes from the life of the former inhabitants of Dubai etc. You need to go there to understand this culture and this country. Tickets are very cheap (5Dhs). I recommend.查看详情
arrabesca, 2012-12-05
2011年阿联酋九日游,dubai mesuem印象十分深刻,刚去完世博会传说中排队十小时的沙特馆再到这来,生动描述阿联酋是怎么发展起来以及了dubai river的意义。值得一去! 查看详情
ashleyhu24, 2012-09-19
如果你想领略古老的迪拜,那一定要来这家博物馆逛逛,尤其是在我居住的七十年代。博物馆大门是座古老的城堡,然后到地下参观展品,能领略不同时期的迪拜文物,之后还有家礼品店。看到城堡保护得那么完好,真让人欣慰。游客可以坐火车,或者沿着溪边散步,也可以穿过古老的露天市场。 查看详情
TimBob_53, 2012-06-14
我们参观了迪拜博物馆,唯一的遗憾是时间太短了,希望以后有机会能再去看看。展品非常多,展示了旧时迪拜的风俗。博物馆里还复制了一片迪拜旧城区的模型。博物馆位于Old Fort,博物馆本身就是一栋十八世纪末期的建筑,而且还有各种旧式的火枪、来复枪和其它武器的展品。让这里参观能了解到古老的沙漠居民的社会秩序,还有现在的社会结构是从何演化而来,以及家族和家庭之间的矛盾冲突。让人惊叹的一点是人类如何能在如此恶劣的环境中生存下来。只需要花一点点钱买张门票,就能打开一扇通向旧世界的窗口。 查看详情
Gerard C, 2012-06-03
“typical but so-so site in Dubai”
It's the necessary touring site for a visitor in Dubai, mainly displaying how Dubai was established and how antient people lived their lifes as well as Arabic culture. Just like most of the any other museums, it's a tipical site in one city but without supprise or interesting features. You just can feel some of the city's proud history but nothing else. 对初到迪拜的拜访者来说,当然是典型的旅游景点,主要展示了迪拜的建立,古代迪拜人是如何生活的,以及迪拜的历史文化。 就像大多其他城市博物馆一样,它是你应该去看看的地方,但也不会有什么惊喜或有趣的特色。你将看到的是这个城市赖以自豪的历史文化,其它也就别指望了。 查看详情
黑领笠人, 2011-04-27
迪拜博物馆全景展现迪拜的发展,石油给这个城市带来巨大变化。如果没有石油这里只是贫瘠的沙漠,石油带来的巨额资金改变了这里的一切。 查看详情
1werdhfj, 2011-04-06
门票价格不贵,几个迪拉姆,现代科技与原生风味结合,重现阿拉伯海湾风土人情。属于迪拜为数不多的历史文化景点吧,值得一看 查看详情
jszjyoung, 2011-03-24

Dubai Museum
62A Street | Bur Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

电话:04 3531862


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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.