“Wonderful opportunity”
Wonderful opportunity to meet people who understand the culture of Dubai. We have been there are two different occasions and have enjoyed the conversations with the people who work and volunteer there.查看详情
DDSo, 2012-12-13
“Very educational”
It gave a real insight into Emirati culture and customs. We were treated to a breakfast of Gemat and chick peas which I loved. I would highly recommend this to tourist and residents alike.查看详情
luckyangel, 2012-12-11
“Cultural Breakfast A Must”
With only 1.5 days in Dubai to explore, the Cultural Breakfast at the Center was the highlight! We learned so much, ate so well, and left with a more complete picture of the UAE. The presenters were amazing and engaged, creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment. A must do compared to all the other glitz and glamor of Dubai.查看详情
smasarik, 2012-12-09
Visited the mosque at 10am to listen to the talk. It cost 10DHS and they will happily provide scarves / clothing for those who are not dressed 'modestly' (i.e. shoulders and knees MUST be covered). Our session was held by an English lady that volunteers for SMCCU. She made it quite numerous and interesting, I really enjoyed taking the time to fit this into my trip as I now understand a lot more about Muslim culture.查看详情
jerseykatie44, 2012-11-29
“A MUST visit!”
Whether visiting Dubai or a new Expat- this is a MUST visit! You will gain such a better understanding of the culture here & everyone treats you with the most graceful of hospitality查看详情
Kimberly K, 2012-11-26
“A must!!! Great use of humour and fun- with a mix of serious discussion”
Took some friends from England for the lunch experience! What can I say? It was fabulous, funny and enlightening! The explanation of black abayas being a cultural dress and how many other countries have different colours, different burgaa, different scarfs and how they wear them. Much like any country really, when you think of fashion- there are many types. We had a lovely Emirati lady join us and we discussed as a group family values, women's roles which was well put by our host- women are to b查看详情
Mctutums, 2012-11-24
“Open doors - open minds”
We had an interesting and a wonderful evening here during the Ramadan 2012. We learned so much in one evening! Thanks to the staff who were very good at explaining with a twist of fantastic humour! I can highly recommend this to everybody visiting Dubai. The draw back are the opening hours. The place is only open during working hours, not after work and not normally during the evenings.查看详情
Pix5, 2012-11-14
We had the Bedouin breakfast and the talk we had has allowed us to know better the culture and the traditions of the bedouin, the islamic approach to the life and the women life. Interesting also the hospitality of the bedouin. It is worth to spend sometime there.查看详情
Oldwhitetraveler, 2012-11-06
“Very Interesting!”
Really helpful staff and also interesting to learn about the culture of Islam. Situated near the Souks so worth a visit after you have been there!查看详情
RichardandJenny978, 2012-11-04
“Best cultural activity in Dubai”
This centre runs 10am tours of a mosque in Jumerai and breakfast/lunches several days a week. The basic objective is to present the basic ideas in muslim faith and the traditional way of living in Dubai. It is a very interesting experience and the "volunteers" answer any question you might have. Recommendation: for breakfast/lunches, book them well in advance as they are fully booked查看详情
Ropongi, 2012-10-27
我们通过网站预定了“文化午餐”,一个人70迪拉姆(120元)。这是了解当地阿拉伯联合酋长国美食文化的一个不错的方法。我们都坐在垫子上,坐在地上吃东西。主人让我们感受到了热情,跟我们呆在一起,聊一些我们想知道的有关联合酋长国文化方面的问题。(午餐持续大概1.5-2小时,有3种不同的米饭,一盘肉,2盘鱼)。我觉得食物非常好,他们告诉我说每道菜根据时节不同,味道也不一样。我们试了阿拉伯咖啡和阿拉伯枣。最后这里还提供午餐饭盒,人们可以带走剩下的食物(我觉得是传统)。我们还有机会试了试他们的服饰。不错的体验。 小贴士:我们同一天早上(周日)去了朱美拉清真寺(Jumeirah Mosque),从那里乘坐了免费的小巴到了SMCCU 中心。 查看详情
Julia_Cambridge, 2012-06-13
如果你去迪拜,不要错过了解穆斯林和阿拉伯文化的机会。我们参加了传统之旅,导游是Wallid(很棒的导游),他很好。如果你在迪拜的话,不要错过了!!!! 查看详情
Bruno B, 2012-06-06
我独自一人来参观文化中心和吃午餐。这里非常有趣,午餐店老板非常风趣,提供了很多信息。坐地铁来这里很方便,而且这里跟迪拜其它地方都与众不同。午餐食物非常好吃,而且没吃完的食物可以打包带回家。非常物有所值。不管是年轻人还是老人,都值得来此游玩。我要将这里加到迪拜不容错过的景点名单里。 查看详情
Edel D, 2012-06-05
如果想要更深入的了解巴斯塔基亚遗产,那么这次的经验是必要的。试试巴斯塔基亚遗产之旅,90分钟的时间,最后还有问答环节。所有的问题有非常有价值。 查看详情
rgandlg, 2012-06-03
我们在这里散了步,和一位当地人吃了中饭。这人是个迪拜(Dubai)通。不管是历史方面,还是当地特色美食、服装、生活习惯等,他都能说得清清楚楚。我们知道了迪拜(Dubai)的很多文化背景。你没想到吧?迪拜(Dubai)本地人口只占了20%,在这儿生活和居住的大部分人,都是老外。 查看详情
loshni, 2012-05-31

SMCCU Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understa
Bastakiya | Bur Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates




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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.