Barossa发迹于18世纪末,从欧陆远道而来的德国人带来第一批葡萄树,在此代代繁衍。因为这里独 特的红砂土壤、适宜的水分,逐渐发展成全澳大利亚最大的红酒产地,也是公认的澳大利亚最好Shiraz产区。其实,除了Shiraz(设拉子)这种浆果香 丰富的红葡萄品种,Barossa谷也广泛种植着Cabernet Sauvignon(赤霞珠)、Grenache(歌海娜)、 Shardonnay(莎当妮)等多种类的红、白葡萄,其中还包括德国人最为拿手的Riesling(雷司令)。
对于一个酒徒来说,巴罗莎(Barossa Valley)无疑是梦想地之一。

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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.