Baby cat的馅饼绝不是浪得虚名。去爬日光岩前特地买了一盒杂锦的当点心,大爱南瓜馅和绿茶馅,入口那刻绵密的饼体像会化了一般,清甜的香味盈满唇间,好喜欢!



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Every other year I buy a membership because my child and her cousin love to go. When we heard that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was coming to town we were excited even though it never went to space. Long story short, you don't get to go inside the shuttle. There is very little interactive displays. My sister went to see the one in Washington DC, she read more went inside and it was free.

The rest of the museum is as fantastic as ever. The family still enjoys it.